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Hello and welcome to my blog. This page will help you as a tour guide here. When I had started writing in 2013, I had the plans to share my knowledge and opinions about exam guidance. But as these 3 years have passed, I have evolved and so this blog. Now my aim of writing this blog is to-

share my experiences and findings out of my life in order to help us live better.

Basically I am trying to document my observations, feelings and results out of this experiment called life.

Below I have provided the links to all the posts that I have written till now classified according to the topics to which they are related. I have decided to diversify my blog to a great extent which means many more awesome posts are yet to come!

Exam Guidance

How to remember formulae & concepts for exams? 

All you need to know about the new ESE pattern

Leave for IAS preparations in Railways

IES interview preparation notes – Power Systems (EE) -By Mr. Swayamdeep Singh (AIR 23, EE)

What is the job of an IES officer (in Railways)?

How to write a kick-ass essay?

ESE Topper Tips – Mrinalini Chandra (AIR 58, EE)

ESE Topper Tips – Swayamdeep Singh (AIR 23, EE)

ESE Topper Tips – Abhay Kumar (AIR 57, CE)

FAQs about IES preparations

From where to read about Indian Railways if you are preparing for ESE personality tests

10 advices for GATE 2017 aspirants!

How much are coaching important for clearing GATE & IES?

How to prepare Current Affairs for GATE & IES?

Time to transform your exam preparation strategy

1 month to IES exam- What you must be doing now?

Why do people fail in GATE/ IES?

How to prioritize your tasks while preparing for exams?

How many attempts do I need to clear any examination?

How to remain motivated while preparing for exams?

Much needed motivation capsule for GATE/IES aspirants

Preparing for GATE/IES? You may be interested in book review…

How to prepare for GS & English part of IES (without coaching)?

Complete list of books I used during my preparation for GATE/IES

Top 5 reasons to have different strategies for GATE & IES

How to crack GATE in 2 months time (without coaching)?

Life Lessons

I will be happy…

Life Lesson#1 : Present is everything

Why have I (finally) left my IAS preparations?

A few words for all my friends who are aspiring to do something big!

The Ultimate Suggestion

A Stranger who changed my life

A flashback of all the diaries of my life…

The first step

Should we be a perfectionist?

How to increase your awesome quotient

The Beauty of law of attraction – 1

Life Hacks

How to read any non-fiction book in 10 minutes?

Time to transform your exam preparation strategy

How to make Jawdropping presentations for instant lead in competitions?

Fiction and Hobbies

Footprints in Sand (Short Story)

Mother Nature – Work of Art

Winds of Change (Short Story)

Intention (Short Story)

The Proposal (Short Story)

L.I.F.E: On the move

Patience (Short Story)

Demolition (Short Story)

And that’s it for now. I will keep updating this page for any post that will appear on this blog. And yes, follow this blog to get regular updates on your journey to ultimate awesomeness!

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