Are you unlucky?

Often we come across these statements-

I am having a bad luck.

If only luck was on my side, I could have cleared that exam.

I am not getting that job only because of my bad luck.

These statements can come from anyone. In fact, almost everyone blame luck at some point of time in their life.



Do you learn (ever)?

I will try to keep it short.

But there are some people who are strangely ahead of the curve. The Gates. The Zuckerbergs. Somehow they steer off the alligators easily. Others seems to fall again and again.

And that brings us here. Do you know that there are three types of people in this world?

Why do people fail in GATE/IES- Know the rules of the game..

We find many people studying and studying and studying continuously for days, months & even years in some case, without any substantial success in examinations.

On the other hands, there are some people who enjoy every aspect of their life even then they manage to clear the examinations in their first attempt! How does that happen? Where was the difference created?

Much Needed Motivation Capsule for GATE/IES Aspirants

I know that you are a GATE/IES aspirant & that’s why you are here. You may be in 2nd/3rd/final year of college or may be preparing by joining a coaching after completing your engineering.

So, it is good & nice upto now.

So dear, how is your preparation going?

Most of you will reply..

“Theek Thak.. So So..”

“Haan chal rahi hai.. dekho kya hota hai..” (Yes it is going .. let’s see where does it goes)

“Arey sab lite hai” 😉

But why this lack of confidence?

Mostly this happens due to lack of motivation. And we all know that motivation is one of a tricky bitch. It leaves you in the midst of the war. You will keep trying to get motivated & boom.. the next day is your exam. Then what?

It is completely natural to sometimes lose interests in studies or not doing upto the mark as required. The question is how to get back on track? And for that you need to look after these points-

How to pick a ball that is lying in front of you- The Beauty of Law of Attraction – I

After writing some posts on GATE & IES, now I have decided to widen the scope of my blog. So, in this post, I am writing about something that will help you in each & every aspect of your life.

This concept is present everywhere, every time, even then, somehow we fail to comprehend it, we fail to understand it. Knowing about this is strange, how a big concept like that can remain hidden from us? The main reason behind this is that it is not included in the basic curriculum of schools.

Without making further fuss about it, let’s begin this awesome journey to awesomeness.