How to read any non-fiction book in 10 minutes?

Well this is going to be a short one. Obviously if you are interested in reading a non-fiction book in 10 minutes, then you are definitely not interested in reading a 1000 words long blog post by some douche-bag. So, I will cut the crap and jump to the chase.



How To Make Jawdropping Presentations for Instant Lead in Competitions

Have you ever given any presentation? If you are an engineering student, which, I think you are, then you must have heard about MS Powerpoint.

That familiar, cute, old, BORING piece of software which 99.9999% of all the people use to make their so-called ‘PPT’! You might be thinking- “What the hell! I am here for my GATE/IES preparations, & he is bragging about ppts” to which my reply is “GATE/IES is not end of the world my friend. World exist before exams & it exists after it too.”

Personality development is a continuous process & your personality should be visible in everything related to you. When you give a presentation, it is believed that-

  • It is your concept
  • It Is your design
  • It is your content

Whatever may be the real truth about content 😉 but you can always make the design of your presentation so appealing, so fascinating that people get entangled in that so badly, that for the moments the presentation runs, they forget about everything else.