How to read any non-fiction book in 10 minutes?

Well this is going to be a short one. Obviously if you are interested in reading a non-fiction book in 10 minutes, then you are definitely not interested in reading a 1000 words long blog post by some douche-bag. So, I will cut the crap and jump to the chase.



Complete list of books that i used during my preparation for GATE & IES


Before you read- It really doesn’t matters to which branch you belong to. You could be from Mechanical, ECE or Civil. Even then, this blogpost is for you too. Please read this to the end.

Hello dear friends,

I hope you all are enjoying reading my blog & it is helping in your preparation to achieve your big dream.

In fact, it is one of the entry in my impossible list to get accolades from people like- “Your blog helped me a lot in clearing IES/GATE”.

Wait a sec! What? Impossible list? What’s that?