#Sandesh2Soldiers #DilkiDiwali

This year’s diwali has passed, but #DilKiDiwali will keep celebrating in your hearts. My little gesture of gratitude towards Indian Army. Jai Hind!


How to remember formulae and concepts for exams?

Whether you are preparing for some super famous exam for which every other guy/gal seems to be preparing or just trying to survive through your graduation studies, there is one problem that might be stealing your night’s sleep – How to remember formulae? 

Formulae are like those awesome turns on highways which insanely cut short your traveling time. The only problem with them is that you realize you have missed them when you have gone too far to return. Or worse, you take a wrong turn and end up at a haunted abandoned mansion (and a flat tire)!

Life Lesson #1 : Present is everything

Life is our greatest teacher. It teaches us some lessons when we least expect it. A man gets wiser and wiser with time and experiences and the reason behind that is he learns some invaluable lessons from life.

We all have heard about the principle of conservation of energy. Similar to that, I have a ‘principle of divisibility of wisdom’. Apart from the fact that it sounds insanely cheesy, it is actually true if you give it a thought long enough till your brain starts hurting.

Wisdom can be created and destroyed. It propagates by doubling itself.

Leave for IAS preparation in Railways

A new rider for CSE aspirants joining the Indian Engineering services.

My IES Journey

Recently,Ministry of Railways issued a letter to all the Centralised Training Insititutes about giving one year extraordinary leave for preparation of CSE/ESE. I am posting that letter below. The letter is self explanatory however main points are as below.

At the time of joining your service, you will be given two option.

First option is to take 1 year Extraordinary leave for appearing in the next examination of your choice from date of joining itself.

The second option is to give a decleration that you are not interested in giving any exam and henceforth you will not appear in exam after joining your respective services.

If you go for second option , then you will not be able to write CSE/ESE in future.

If you go for first option, then you will  be able to give next attempt in examination of your choice,however salary and passes will not be given.

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[ESE 2014 Topper Tips] Swayamdeep Singh (AIR 23, EE)

swayamdeep marks

This is a long post. I hope the information I provide is worth your time..

If you have dropped a year and joined coaching institute, then my advice is that you stick to what your teacher tells you to do. This is useful for 3rd year students and final year students who can’t get coaching.

I graduated from NIT Warangal in 2014. I wrote ese after final semester. I relied on self study from books, lectures of my college teachers and nptel. But I also attended crash courses for some subjects and I have mentioned those

Booklist and other material-

Paper 1

Circuit theory:

[ESE 2014 Topper Tips] Abhay Kumar AIR 57 [Civil Engineering]

Hello friends, ESE 2014 results were announced a few days back. I contacted some of my friends who were part of the coveted final list so that, they can share their strategy and provide some tips.

So, here are the marksheet, tech tips and interview transcript of Mr. Abhay Kumar who got AIR 57 in this year ESE Civil Engineering list.

The Tech tips and Interview transcript are in pdf form which you can download and read anytime.

abhay marks Interview Transcript Download

Tech Tips Download

All the best 🙂

A few words for all my friends who are aspiring to do something big!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for the bitter truth!

Let’s start with a few examples-

Mr. A ran a 500 m race and won. What will he do next? He will not stop there. He will go for a longer and tougher race.

Mr B won a Tennis match at state level. Will he stop? No, he will go for the national level.

You may say that IES is not a game – its a job. Yes its not a game, but students take it as a game and not only IES, but IAS or any other professional examination.

If someone wants to become an IES/IAS officer, then the motivating factors for him/her are usually respect in society, power, facilities and many other half-truths that float around in society (specially middle class).

He takes IES/IAS exam as a race, in which all of his friends are participating and he has to excel anyhow.

Almost none of the aspirant is aware of the work an IES officer has to do.  I mean, its like applying for a job just after knowing its salary. How many of you know-
Will you be doing technical job or managerial job?
What will be the name of your starting post?
What are the departments in which an IES officer is posted?
What he is supposed to do in his official capacity?
What changes can he bring to the organization? (Eg- Railways, CPWD etc)
Will it be 5 days work or 6 days work?
What are the important skills that will help you in doing your job in a much better way?
What are the working conditions? How is the work culture?

(Want to know about the job an IES officer? Read here.)

I know this because many aspirants have asked me how to prepare, how much to study but noone has ever asked me these questions!

So, when he/she clears ESE and joins the IES, he gets to know the reality. And then he gets to know about the Job and what he has to do! Every job has its own set of pros and cons. For some people, pros matter more than cons while for some its otherwise. Now in a job, I can tell you one thing for sure-