Are you unlucky?

Often we come across these statements-

I am having a bad luck.

If only luck was on my side, I could have cleared that exam.

I am not getting that job only because of my bad luck.

These statements can come from anyone. In fact, almost everyone blame luck at some point of time in their life.



Do you learn (ever)?

I will try to keep it short.

But there are some people who are strangely ahead of the curve. The Gates. The Zuckerbergs. Somehow they steer off the alligators easily. Others seems to fall again and again.

And that brings us here. Do you know that there are three types of people in this world?

Why have I (finally) left my IAS preparations?

I want to feel life’s romance

To jump and sing and dance

To make my life by choice, not by chance

I was extremely crazy about being an IAS officer but then one day, I dropped my plans of being an IAS. And that’s not because I had exhausted my attempts or crossed the age limit. So, in this post, Kids, I will tell you How I met the decision of not going for IAS anymore!

(Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. I don’t want to discourage anyone. :))

What is the job of an IES officer (in Railways) ?

Hello friends, when it comes to the ‘most wanted’ jobs in India, people tend to focus entirely on the selection procedure rather than the actual job content. Be it civil services or engineering services, all we hear is about exams, coachings and interviews. But aren’t we supposed to take a look at the content of job we are going to do?

Whenever people are not talking about exams, they are talking about ‘bangla, gaadi, paisa and sahabgiri’ (bungalow, vehicle, money and officialdom). On basis of these 4 parameters, expectations are set for all the jobs and thus their demand and competitiveness. Now that I feel that I am out of this vicious mindset, I should help you too to jump out of it.

“Think of any job in terms of its contents, not in terms of its selection exams or perks.”

[ESE 2014 Topper Tips] Mrinalini Chandra (AIR 58, EE)

Hello friends, ESE 2014 results were announced a few days back. I contacted some of my friends who were part of the coveted final list so that, they can share their strategy and provide some tips.

So, here are the tech tips and interview transcript from Miss. Mrinalini Chandra who got AIR 58 in this year ESE Electrical Engineering list.

The Tech tips and Interview transcript are in pdf form which you can download and read anytime.

Mrinalini- Interview Questions

Mrinalini-Preparation Strategy

All the best 🙂

The First Step

My first post in a comic strip format… “The First Step”.

It is being created as a part of the ‘Five Sentence Fiction’ contest of the with ‘Doors’ as the prompt of this week.

True to the tagline of this blog, i have tried to be unconventional by creating the fiction, not in five sentences (or paras) but in five comic blocks. I hope you will like it. (Click on the images to enlarge it)

Should we be a Perfectionist?


I have met two kind of people in my life till now-


Type 1- “Oh my God! I have been given a task. I should stop breathing until i complete it. God is watching me. I have always been a topper kid (with a proud accent and slightly raised neck) and I must not deviate. I will do it better than anyone else in my class using my time-tested secrets which my mommy has told me since childhood!”


Type 2- Abe chill maar. Bhai, paas hi to karna hai. Ye to prof. ki tension hai. Waise bhi 80-20 rule suna hai na? 80% results come from 20% of the efforts. We are too laborious, we will put not 20, infact 30% of our effort and that will give us much more than 80%. Now, let’s party! We will pick up the books the night before the exam.