All you need to know about the new ESE pattern

Recently UPSC has announced major changes in the syllabus & structure of Engineering Services Examination. This change will take effect from ESE 2017 onwards.

Quite obviously, It is a matter of curiosity for ESE aspirants as to how these changes will turn up for them. So, I am presenting an analysis of the announced syllabus along with the change in preparation strategy it demands.

ESE 2017


IES Interview preparation notes – Power system (EE) – By Mr. Swayamdeep Singh , AIR 23 (ESE 2014)

Hello friends, here are the IES interview preparation notes on Power System by Mr. Swayamdeep Singh . If you have any doubts, you can ask in the comments below. I sincerely thank Swayamdeep for this voluntary contribution.

Hi, congratulations on qualifying for ESE interview. Here I am sharing notes on Indian power system which I prepared for interview.

You can find notes on

  1. Power theft
  2. Smart energy meters
  3. Challenges of power generation
  4. Rural electrification
  5. Solar power in India
  6. Smart cities and smart grids
  7. Some facts of Indian power sector , regional grids

What is the job of an IES officer (in Railways) ?

Hello friends, when it comes to the ‘most wanted’ jobs in India, people tend to focus entirely on the selection procedure rather than the actual job content. Be it civil services or engineering services, all we hear is about exams, coachings and interviews. But aren’t we supposed to take a look at the content of job we are going to do?

Whenever people are not talking about exams, they are talking about ‘bangla, gaadi, paisa and sahabgiri’ (bungalow, vehicle, money and officialdom). On basis of these 4 parameters, expectations are set for all the jobs and thus their demand and competitiveness. Now that I feel that I am out of this vicious mindset, I should help you too to jump out of it.

“Think of any job in terms of its contents, not in terms of its selection exams or perks.”

[ESE 2014 Topper Tips] Mrinalini Chandra (AIR 58, EE)

Hello friends, ESE 2014 results were announced a few days back. I contacted some of my friends who were part of the coveted final list so that, they can share their strategy and provide some tips.

So, here are the tech tips and interview transcript from Miss. Mrinalini Chandra who got AIR 58 in this year ESE Electrical Engineering list.

The Tech tips and Interview transcript are in pdf form which you can download and read anytime.

Mrinalini- Interview Questions

Mrinalini-Preparation Strategy

All the best 🙂

Frequently asked questions about IES preparation (Updated on 24/06/17)

Hi friends,

interfaceYou might be having some doubts in your mind. And this post is all about clearing those doubts to the best of my abilities.

It becomes hard for me to answer each and every query that is being asked in the comments, so I have decided to devote a post for it only. I will write the answer in the post itself by updating its contents rather than replying in the comment section.

This will reduce the redundancy of questions and will be a one stop destination for all your doubts.

So, guys and gals, shoot your doubts and queries right below in the comment box, and I will be present with your reply in this post itself.

See ya!

Time to Transform your Exam Preparation Strategy


Many aspirants ask me one question – How to prepare for IAS/IES/GATE or any other exam while being in a job. I feel that this question is really tough to answer. Preparing for a competitive examination in India is not a joke. The level of competition that one has to face is enormous and without proper preparation, one can’t even dream of clearing the examination.

Most of the working aspirants are worried by one thought – “While I am travelling in this bus/train and wasting my time in going to and fro to/from my office, there are thousands other aspirants who are busy in their studies. How can I compete with them? While I will be working in my office, the full time preparing aspirants will be studying.” This thought is enough to give us shivers down the spines.

1 month to IES exam.. What you must be doing now?


The prestigious Engineering Services Examination conducted by UPSC is almost a month away now. Popularly known as the IES exam, it holds a very important position in the minds of the Engineering students of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and ECE branch. If you are an aspirant, then i am pretty sure that you might be going through this question- What should be my strategy for this last one month?