How to write a kick-ass essay?


Friends, I have already blurted out that I won’t be going for Civil services exams anymore. So, I have decided to share some of my ‘sacred-tactics’ which I learned through my experiences while preparing for this exam.

One of the oft-asked question which haunts any CSE aspirant is ‘How to write a kick-ass essay?’ and by ‘kick-ass’ I mean the essay which can fetch you awesome marks. Unfortunately, like any other aspect of this exam, you can’t be 100% sure of getting awesome marks even after writing a jaw-dropping essay. But still, a well structured essay without any technical blunders is bound to fetch you more than average marks.
But before I start, I should remind you of the golden rule (which I will be reminding you pretty often)-


Time to Transform your Exam Preparation Strategy


Many aspirants ask me one question – How to prepare for IAS/IES/GATE or any other exam while being in a job. I feel that this question is really tough to answer. Preparing for a competitive examination in India is not a joke. The level of competition that one has to face is enormous and without proper preparation, one can’t even dream of clearing the examination.

Most of the working aspirants are worried by one thought – “While I am travelling in this bus/train and wasting my time in going to and fro to/from my office, there are thousands other aspirants who are busy in their studies. How can I compete with them? While I will be working in my office, the full time preparing aspirants will be studying.” This thought is enough to give us shivers down the spines.

How to prioritize your tasks while preparing for exams?

Once there was a race between a rabbit and a tortoise. The rabbit, by its very nature, was extremely fast. He could almost run by the speed of light. The tortoise, on the other hand, was slow. He couldn’t even run by 1/10th of the speed of tortoise. Everyone thought that the rabbit will win. The stage was set. The audience took their seat. The cheer girls were dancing. A light cold breeze was flowing. The sun hid his eyes beneath the sheet of cloud, because he didn’t want to see the tortoise lose that badly. But there was something unusual which was unknown to the common people. The tortoise was slow, yet wise. He believed in smart work rather than hard work. The rabbit was overconfident. One year ago, when this race was announced, the rabbit had become a self-proclaimed winner. He thought that he knew the fate. He enjoyed, he danced, he laughed, he flirted, he facebooked a lot during that year. But tortoise was doing something else. He had a plan. A killer plan. Instead of wasting his time, he worked day and night for a purpose, which was, defeating nature by winning that race. He knew that he can never win that race on foot. So, he used his mind…

Rabbit came to the race track on foot. Dressed up like a rock star. Tortoise came after him & when he did, almost everyone’s jaws touched the ground. He had chiseled his shell in an aerodynamic fashion. He was riding a small vehicle with rocket boosters! Since race rules weren’t specific about these things, so no one could put up an objection & tortoise knew it. What happened next, is know to everyone till date…

How many attempts do i need to qualify any examination?

After a long long time, I am back to my blog.

Today I am going to write on a topic on which I was thinking to write for a long time. Now that I have got the time to express my views here, let’s see what I have to see & whether you are going to agree with me or not.

Many people have a ‘big’ question in their mind- “Can I clear xyz exam in my first attempt?”  This ‘xyz’ could be any examination, be it GATE or IES or IAS or CAT etc etc

A closely related version of this question is – “How many attempts do I require to clear xyz exam?”

I bet at some point or the other, this question might have come to your mind. I know this because it happens to everyone, even me too. But eventually I realized the secret behind the “attempts” question. I am going to reveal that secret today..

How to remain motivated while studying for examinations?

I have a big problem.

Somehow, I don’t feel interested in a task that don’t pose a challenge to me. Or if I couldn’t add something new to it. Many of my friends will agree to this.

I like to do things differently. But we are not here to talk about me. We are here to talk about you. The key to getting motivated is to make things work differently.

As an aspirant, many times you must be feeling like you are losing interest in the studies. The only way to keep yourself motivated is to make the subject matter more interesting.

But how to make it interesting? That’s the first question that we have in front of us. I am giving you some pointers on this.