Do you learn (ever)?

I will try to keep it short.

But there are some people who are strangely ahead of the curve. The Gates. The Zuckerbergs. Somehow they steer off the alligators easily. Others seems to fall again and again.

And that brings us here. Do you know that there are three types of people in this world?

  1. One who learns from their own as well as other’s mistakes
  2. One who learns from their own mistakes only
  3. One who never learns

Usually Type 1 are the people with most medals pinned on their chest. Not just academics or career, I am talking about something much larger than that. I am talking about life.

They ask others where do they fell, why do they fell and what will they do not to fall again. Then they hand-pick the advice they find relevant and useful to them.

And then they never fall again (at least for those reasons).

Type 2 people keep learning from their mistakes. But it takes time to learn. For them in order to learn a 1000 lessons, they will have to fall a 1000 times.

And whatever they do, they will fall behind Type 1 people because they don’t have to fall a 1000 times. They just fall once or twice and then talk to 999 or 998 people who have fell before.

Then there are Type 3 people. The cynics. The Fuhrer kinds. The born idols. They don’t learn. Either they are too lazy to learn or they ‘know’ they know everything.

They keep falling again and again. But every-time either its because of the weather or butterfly fluttering its wings in some distant part of the world.

But please don’t try to find causality between success and these types.

Its about how quickly can you get there.

And yes I am not talking about just career or an exam, I am talking about life.

Now why am i telling you this? Because I want the Type 1s who are reading this to learn from others’ mistakes. And the Type 2s to try to be Type 1- because yes, it’s possible!

And Type 3s, thank you for bearing me this far but unless you are thinking of changing your attitude (for even a tini-tiny bit) there is nothing useful for you in here.

Obviously learning is not easy. Specially from others. Its important to note down the lessons received and try to implement them. So when others fall, instead of laughing at them, pick them up and ask them the reason for falling. Start it from today. Infact, just now.

Remember 3 things —

Treat problems as vaccines rather than disease. Use them to develop resistance in yourself. Resistance to fight even bigger problem. Facing financial crisis? Do research on it. Sleep on it. Take actions. Become financially resilient by avoiding wastage and increasing your ways of income. Read magazines, blogs and books on finance to learn what others are doing. Take the vaccines made by others without suffering the fever yourself.

Read — A lot! I know that this advice has become a cliche like ‘Do exercise everyday’. Ironically still a very few do it. I won’t say much on it.

Write — So that others can learn from you. Don’t be selfish. Share your lessons. Your sufferings. Your pitfalls. The more pits we close for others, the more we move away from our ‘beasty’ nature. The easiest way is to write a blog or writing on Medium or Quora. But not only will it help others, it will help you also. Writing something brings another dimension to the surface. Try to write some happening of your day. It will be much more flavored than just plain telling someone.

So, I will try to keep it short.

Do you know that there are three types of people in this world?

Which one of them are you?


2 thoughts on “Do you learn (ever)?

  1. Shubham

    Hello sir,
    I am Electrical Student My question is How to prepare from NPTEL Videos for GATE??
    Please suggest me through your blog
    I am waiting for your reply



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