How to read any non-fiction book in 10 minutes?

Well this is going to be a short one. Obviously if you are interested in reading a non-fiction book in 10 minutes, then you are definitely not interested in reading a 1000 words long blog post by some douche-bag. So, I will cut the crap and jump to the chase.


Don’t get too surprised because I am not going to teach you some black magic here. And I don’t think there will be any better time to reveal that actually its an app. The app is blinkist.

What’s blinkist?

Simply stated, it contains summary of 1000+ top non fiction books curated into little chapters and sections. For most of the books, it is around 5-6 chapters.

What’s to love about blinkist?

Many things. To name a few-

  1. It contains non fiction books on a number of topics which are pretty diversified. This means you will almost always find a book depending on the occasion for which you need it.1.PNG
  2. The summaries are pretty good and are not just copy paste from the original book. It contains paragraphs produced after compacting complete chapters.
  3. You get the option to highlight important sentences and see the most highlighted portions.
  4. The best part is the audio-book availability. I found audio books much more interesting and engaging than reading the summaries.
  5. You can send those summaries to your kindle reader too.
  6. After reading the summary you can decide whether you should really buy complete book or not.

What’s NOT to love about blinkist?

  1. The worst part is that blinkist is NOT FREE. However, you get initial 7 days of fully featured trial period. So, you can start your trial now and read as many books as you can before your trial ends. And remember – audio books are AWESOME! You can start your free trial here.
  2. If you are still not asleep or stalking someone on facebook, you might have understood by now that it is after all a summary app. It’s not the complete book. So if you are more interested in cover to cover study of books, blinkist is not for you.

How does Blinkist works?

See that’s kind of interesting. Most of the non fiction books are 10% real content and 90% filler material. Blinkist just filters out that 10% and serves you on a silver platter. Its aim is actually the main aim of a non-fiction book -Your improvement and that too in 15 minutes.

How was my experience?

When I found Blinkist, I was reading this super awesome book – The Power of Habit. This book can prove to be a life changer for many people. Luckily, I found this book on blinkist and listened to its audio summary. It was sheer pleasure. After listening to it, I knew what lies ahead in the book and the take over points but still I continued reading the book for its inherent goodness. Thereafter I listened to many audio summaries and based on that I made a list of the books to read and which ones to avoid entirely. You will find blinks of many classic books in blinkist like –How to win Friends and Influence People or  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Convinced already?

Yeah right! Why to waste time here if you can start reading non fiction books at a rate of 4 books per hour. Good luck for your non-fiction extravaganza! Go to Blinkist.

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