I will be happy…

I have written this poem to make the reader realize that happiness is here and now.  There is nothing like a happy future, its only a happy present.

When this summer will last,

And cool winds will start to blow

I will be jumping and laughing

And seed inside me will grow

Then I will be happy…


Life Lesson #1 : Present is everything

Life is our greatest teacher. It teaches us some lessons when we least expect it. A man gets wiser and wiser with time and experiences and the reason behind that is he learns some invaluable lessons from life.

We all have heard about the principle of conservation of energy. Similar to that, I have a ‘principle of divisibility of wisdom’. Apart from the fact that it sounds insanely cheesy, it is actually true if you give it a thought long enough till your brain starts hurting.

Wisdom can be created and destroyed. It propagates by doubling itself.