How to write a kick-ass essay?


Friends, I have already blurted out that I won’t be going for Civil services exams anymore. So, I have decided to share some of my ‘sacred-tactics’ which I learned through my experiences while preparing for this exam.

One of the oft-asked question which haunts any CSE aspirant is ‘How to write a kick-ass essay?’ and by ‘kick-ass’ I mean the essay which can fetch you awesome marks. Unfortunately, like any other aspect of this exam, you can’t be 100% sure of getting awesome marks even after writing a jaw-dropping essay. But still, a well structured essay without any technical blunders is bound to fetch you more than average marks.
But before I start, I should remind you of the golden rule (which I will be reminding you pretty often)-


Why have I (finally) left my IAS preparations?

I want to feel life’s romance

To jump and sing and dance

To make my life by choice, not by chance

I was extremely crazy about being an IAS officer but then one day, I dropped my plans of being an IAS. And that’s not because I had exhausted my attempts or crossed the age limit. So, in this post, Kids, I will tell you How I met the decision of not going for IAS anymore!

(Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. I don’t want to discourage anyone. :))

What is the job of an IES officer (in Railways) ?

Hello friends, when it comes to the ‘most wanted’ jobs in India, people tend to focus entirely on the selection procedure rather than the actual job content. Be it civil services or engineering services, all we hear is about exams, coachings and interviews. But aren’t we supposed to take a look at the content of job we are going to do?

Whenever people are not talking about exams, they are talking about ‘bangla, gaadi, paisa and sahabgiri’ (bungalow, vehicle, money and officialdom). On basis of these 4 parameters, expectations are set for all the jobs and thus their demand and competitiveness. Now that I feel that I am out of this vicious mindset, I should help you too to jump out of it.

“Think of any job in terms of its contents, not in terms of its selection exams or perks.”