A few words for all my friends who are aspiring to do something big!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for the bitter truth!

Let’s start with a few examples-

Mr. A ran a 500 m race and won. What will he do next? He will not stop there. He will go for a longer and tougher race.

Mr B won a Tennis match at state level. Will he stop? No, he will go for the national level.

You may say that IES is not a game – its a job. Yes its not a game, but students take it as a game and not only IES, but IAS or any other professional examination.

If someone wants to become an IES/IAS officer, then the motivating factors for him/her are usually respect in society, power, facilities and many other half-truths that float around in society (specially middle class).

He takes IES/IAS exam as a race, in which all of his friends are participating and he has to excel anyhow.

Almost none of the aspirant is aware of the work an IES officer has to do.  I mean, its like applying for a job just after knowing its salary. How many of you know-
Will you be doing technical job or managerial job?
What will be the name of your starting post?
What are the departments in which an IES officer is posted?
What he is supposed to do in his official capacity?
What changes can he bring to the organization? (Eg- Railways, CPWD etc)
Will it be 5 days work or 6 days work?
What are the important skills that will help you in doing your job in a much better way?
What are the working conditions? How is the work culture?

(Want to know about the job an IES officer? Read here.)

I know this because many aspirants have asked me how to prepare, how much to study but noone has ever asked me these questions!

So, when he/she clears ESE and joins the IES, he gets to know the reality. And then he gets to know about the Job and what he has to do! Every job has its own set of pros and cons. For some people, pros matter more than cons while for some its otherwise. Now in a job, I can tell you one thing for sure-

What really matters is the job content and working conditions. Everything else comes thereafter.

If you are offered two jobs- (1) Writing 100 answers per week on Quora for a salary of 30k per month. (2) Is to keep watching a clock continuously for 8 hrs for 6 days in a for 45k per month. Which will you choose?

Initially, you may go after the money, but very soon you will realize the mistake you have done.

So, when someone has won the race named ESE, he feels that he should go for a tougher race with even better returns (facilities, powers etc – again the same mistake). Its not only with IES/IAS but almost any career in India.

So, the typical recipe to be an incredibly average herd sheep is –

  1. Choose Engineering branches in college according to the popular opinion of maximum placements or its being-an-evergreen-branch.
  2. Get placed in a job remotely related to what you have learnt in those 4 years of your life. Eg- Mech guy working in a software company.
  3. Then you see everyone is preparing for IES/IAS/CAT/GMAT/GRE/GATE and according to your personal preference- money vs power vs foreign trip, you choose an exam and start preparing for it.

And that, kids, is How you meet your Job.

My advice- Don’t do something because everyone is doing that. Do it because you really want to do it. Do research about whatever you are planning to do and give it your best.
A job is good not because of power or position or money. A job is good only when you enjoy doing it. You should not feel like I am being paid for bearing all that torture, rather you should feel like I am being paid for doing what I love.

PS- 1. Exceptions are everywhere. You may be an exception, but here I am talking in general.
2. There may be people who have their own reasons, but this is what I have observed in general.



17 thoughts on “A few words for all my friends who are aspiring to do something big!

  1. Ketan Tiwari

    Thank U sir for ur valuable post.Sir I have read your blog on IES/GATE/PSU helpline.Sir,I really want to become an IES but as its syllabus is changed from 2017 i am confused regarding aptitude contents which books to refer.Sir as I am in 25 now not able to give full time preparations so decided to prepare while working.As its pattern is changed so it is not competent for me to prepare for 2017 so I need time to complete it with full understanding……Sir need ur valuable reply.


  2. Sandesh

    Hello Sagar, I want you to get me out of confusion….

    I am a GATE aspirant.I have appeared in GATE 2015 mechanical and secured rank 4123.I am repeating GATE this year and very much confident to come out with flying colors.I want to join a PSU.Tell me something about life at PSU’s.
    Actually I’m confused about CAT and Gate.2 years of Efforts at IIM can offer me jobs with large paychecks(15-20 LPA) and also a reputition of IIM alumni.PSU’s are having good statrs(approx.10LPA)but I’ve heard that Growth is not very signiicant.
    Will it be wise to leave PSU for IIM postgraduation???

    My uncle asked me to prepare for Civil Services exam and work as an IAS. but when I see that top multinationals are offering much more salaries as well as facilities to IIM graduates,I am unable to decide what will be the right path for my career.[recently,I have found out that initial salary of IAS is around 50K and facilities,which is 60% of that offered by ONGC]

    p.s.:I am very much confident to clear CAT/UPSC in 1-2 attempts


    1. Hi Sandesh,

      GATE vs CAT vs IAS (CSE) is a tough choice. It all depends on you. What do you want in your life?
      GATE(PSUs) = Money (7/10), Power and fame (2/10), Cool life (8/10)
      CAT = Money (9/10), Power and fame (3/10), Cool life (5/10)
      IAS = Money (5/10), Power and fame (9/10), Cool life (2/10)
      Usefulness for society= Depends on you, how much can you give your effort.


  3. titli pal

    Thank u for this post.i am student b.tech ,civil engineering, 4year. Can u post about details list of book required for ies.


  4. Excellent post sir. I have been following your blog since its early days.
    Your posts motivated me .I secured 23rd rank in EE in ese14. Not only this , i found about prezi, etc from this blog. Thanks a lot for putting informational and motivational posts. Your good work is truly appreciated 🙂


    1. Wow.. Comgratulations Swayamdeep. It would be very helpful for ESE aspirants if you could tell me your preparation strategy, the books you followed and anything else you want to share. I will post that here.
      You can message me on fb if interested. 🙂


  5. Abhinay

    Thank you for the enlightening post. It would really be helpful if you could write a post for people going for PhD about the research culture, research environment, things expected from a research scholar, personality traits of a researcher, any additional relevant information. Thanks.


    1. Hello Abhinay,

      Thanks for commenting. Since I am not a research person myself, I may not be able to answer your questions. However, I will ask my friends who are doing research to write a guest post regarding this asap. 🙂


      1. pradnya

        So u mean to say after clearing IES, u only have to pass d time for d sake of 45k? Even I am thinking of giving a try to IES but still searching for the work culture over there..Can you plz enlighten me on that..Is it a good idea to prepare for IES? I am a civil engineer and I was working in Pvt company but left that due to family pressure and joined govt.now I want to start preparing for IES.



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