Frequently asked questions about IES preparation (Updated on 24/06/17)

Hi friends,

interfaceYou might be having some doubts in your mind. And this post is all about clearing those doubts to the best of my abilities.

It becomes hard for me to answer each and every query that is being asked in the comments, so I have decided to devote a post for it only. I will write the answer in the post itself by updating its contents rather than replying in the comment section.

This will reduce the redundancy of questions and will be a one stop destination for all your doubts.

So, guys and gals, shoot your doubts and queries right below in the comment box, and I will be present with your reply in this post itself.

See ya!


1. I have around 2 months in my hand till IES exam. What should be my strategy now?

Now is the time to revise and make strategy for the exam day. If you haven’t done GS till now, then start it immediately. Give it around an hour everyday. I will recommend you to buy this book – General studies 2015 for IES (ME publications) and try to grasp it as much as possible. As far as English is concerned, you can go for – General English. But don’t over do it. Always give preference to technical parts over GS and English. Keep revising formulae and concepts. You can buy a handbook if you haven’t done it till now. Formulae are very very important. I can’t emphasize more on this. You should be able to tell the formulae even half asleep. For the rest of the time, keep practicing. Try to improve your accuracy and speed.

2. Can I prepare for IES while doing a job?

Yes you can. And No you can’t. See, the answer depends on many factors – your company, your boss, your health, your financial conditions, your technical clarity, your grasping power etc. Generally, in a PSU, you may get some time for preparation, but in most private jobs, it may become really hectic. You have to decide your preferences. Something has to take the top slot, but then the other one will have to be sacrificed a bit!

3. Should I go for M.Tech and prepare for the exam simultaneously or just go for full time preparation?

I think doing M Tech is a better idea. But before jumping to any conclusion, talk to the people who are doing from that institute. How much load is there? Will you get ample time for IES preparation? If their answers satisfy you, doing M.Tech along with preparing for IES will be the best thing to do.

4. Does my pointers/percentage have any impact on IES personality test marks?

I don’t think so, and if it does, then the effect is minimal. Ideally, that is the test of your personality. The way you answer the questions, handle the situation, your personal charm, officer like qualities, quick witty yet humble attitude are the things that will help you swim through the personality test. πŸ™‚

5. How to prepare current affairs for IES (ESE) exam?

I would recommend you not to worry too much about it. If you feel very weak in it, you can go for this book – Current affairs 2014. Apart from this you can go to and practice the quizzes there. All those quizzes are absolutely free!

6. How to prepare for conventional papers of IES (ESE) exam?

Conventional papers are like those slippery floors. It is troublesome for everyone yet the skilled and practiced people slip easily through it to gain an advantage. To begin with, you should try to practice all the previous years questions. Buy a conventional solved paper book and try to solve it end to end. It will help you gain confidence and also you will get the much required writing practice. Whether you choose to solve the questions completely or just partially test your concepts depends on you, according to your convenience.

7. I have already solved all the previous years questions of conventional and still I have two months in my hand. What should I do now?

You can the sift through the books again to revise the answers. By now, you must be having an idea of the important topics that are being asked again and again. Try to practice the proofs of all those related concepts.

8. What should be my strategy for IES Conventional paper – Solve little and prepare for less subjects or Solve more and prepare for many subjects?

In my view, second option is better (attempt more).
The reason being-

  1. You never know, when you commit a mistake while solving a problem. Doing more in little bits, helps in such a situation.
  2. You never know the marking scheme your examiner will adopt. May be he is just fond of awarding 5/10 for totally correct theoretical questions.
  3. With this mindset, you will prepare a wider syllabus, thereby increasing your chances of stumbling on to a question which you know how to solve.

All the best!


15 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions about IES preparation (Updated on 24/06/17)

  1. Shivam

    Sir…my interest in studies seems to have gone down…i am in se civil…just bored enough…moreover..i am confused between ies or gate?…mtech is good or ms from germany?…i read that people who do gate can also go for some gov institutes der like TUM…what i want to ask are the above mentioned questions and how to keep myself motivated for studies(as two phases of my life i.e. 10th and 12th…for both…my % is above 80)..but serious problem now is loss of interest…please do help sir.


  2. silverlining

    sie plz give me some guidance for preparing for ese 2015 and cse 2015 both in electrical branch…….what should be the strategy for prelims in cse while focussing on cracking ese 2015…….???? waiting for yur reply sir….


  3. rahul

    sir ek below average student jo Sab kuch pheli baar padh rha ho. sir vo kaisi strategy k sath padhe auy daily schedule kaisa banaye .. ki vo effectively padh ske. sir daily kitne ghante man laga k pad he ki uska selection ho jaye first attempt mein …… sir daily ka study time table kaisa hona chahie …
    sir ho ske toh reply abhi kr do…


  4. sonu rana

    very very helpful information sir, sir I m mechanical engg. student. I want to know that for ies all subjects are compulsory for both objective and conventional papers. or which subjects for sufficient for conventional papers. as in short time it is not possible to prepare all subjects. sir can u tell me ies preparation tips for 03 months as I m an average and employed. is it possible to crack ies in this short time. thanks a lot sir


  5. shubham

    Hello Sir,
    After Gate 2015 , i want to start preparing for CSE 2015 + ESE 2015 with electrical as a subject,
    So what should be the right approach for electrical engineering , should i start with ESE previous years objective than conventional than cse previous year , or to start with standard book ( a per PRAKASH RAJPROHIT sir blog) than a QB than previous year.
    please tell the sequence in which this should be approached.
    Also how much to stress on electrical with GS of CSE


  6. Pratisha

    Sir what should be the strategy to prepare for conventional i.e. how to proceed with the content and practice questions according to you..?


  7. akashtiwari


    2-theory nd concept revisions
    3- last year question practice.
    Now I have approx 120 days to prepare.

    What should be the order and time allotment to each three part.

    Please suggest



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