10 advices for GATE 2017 aspirants!

If you are going to read this one, then it is highly probable that you are going to compete in GATE 2017. But even if you are not going to compete this year, you should go through this post. Since, I am practicing ‘minimalism’ these days, I will keep this post short and to the point.

So, dear aspirant, here are the few points you should keep in mind-

  1. A calm mind can win over biggest of storms. Be a zen, a ninja, a samurai. A calm and focused mind can make you deadly in this competition.
  2. Kill your fears. No one is perfect. You can be the AIR 1 this time, slots are still empty! 🙂
  3. Formulae matters. Make them part of your reflex action.
  4. Your past is past you. Last year’s results have no effect on this year’s results. You can turn the table anytime.
  5. You are your own master. Try to learn from your past mistakes.
  6. Categorize the questions in paper as easy, hard and undoable. Start with the easy one, try the hard ones thereafter and don’t even try the undoable ones.
  7. Don’t try to predict the paper. Believe me, you can’t. Just be ready with whatever guns, tanks, fighter aircrafts you have!
  8. Have fun! Everything should be enjoyed. The cool ones are the most lucky lot.
  9. Have confidence in yourself. You can achieve whatever you want.
  10. Finally, its just an exam. You can pass or fail in exam, but you must pass in your life. This exam is just a dust particle and your life is the complete earth.

All the best!


17 thoughts on “10 advices for GATE 2017 aspirants!

  1. snehil shukla

    sir i also have onemore quiry, sir I am doing five year integrated coure in engineering (BTECH+MBA),CAN I ELIGIBLE TO DOING MTECH FROM IISC AND IIT?


  2. jishnu

    Dear sir
    I’m jishnu B.E.MECH 2014 passed with university rank of 43 and of 88% ..2015 was a failure for me in gate … I was preferred local author for my graduation .. And I got coaching from ACE previous year..Sudden change to standard auther and diversion of study became a deep trouble for me… What I do ?? I dnt know… Pls help me …I want to crack but now I’m working 8 hours and 3 hour travel. Pls help me to crack gate at least 2017


  3. keerthi

    sir it is possible for an average student to crack gate . if it is possible than tell me how to start preparation . how to strength the basics . how to keep mind focus on studies . how to make subject very interesting .


  4. Sir thanks a lot!!!
    I like your blog….it motivates me a lot!!
    Although i am from ece but i need your guidance…..i joined coaching very late this year(mid August) and syllabus just got over a few days back….this much time was sufficient to revise i thought…..but i fell sick(thanks to the spine chilling cold here in delhi) i wasted almost a week….now m studying hard day and night but it seems as if the damage has already been done….i dont think i myt be able to get a good rank in Gate…sir what should i do?
    If not gate then can i crack ies in this short span?
    My basics are clear as i hv just completed the course…..please tell me the an appropriate strategy for my situation…


    1. Hi Prashant,

      Since time is very less, instead of worrying you should try to concentrate on your strong topics and mugging up the formulae. Even though ‘mugging up’ sounds bad, but we can’t help the testing system.
      You can easily crack IES using the preparation time that you will get after GATE.

      All the best 🙂


      1. rahul

        sir, first of all m aapko apni sari problem list out kr deta hun:-
        1)sir main type 3 person category main aata hun …
        2)sir hed se zada sochta hun …
        3)jab bhi padhne ki kosis kr ta hun tabhi faltun ki baatein mind mein aati h (negative thoughts toh bhut jada aate hain)ex:-mera selection toh ho hi nhi sakta.
        4)sir confidence toh bilkul bhi nhi h….
        5)sir delhi mein ese ki tyari kr rha hun gate k liye preperation leave hain .lekin sir pura saal over thinking mein nikal diya .ek hi mistake baar baar krta hun(type 3)
        6)aur sir bhut bar aapka blog padh chuka…
        7)sir apka blog padh ke sochta hun work hard krunga lekin tabhi sir prob(3) samne aa jati hain..
        8)sir, bhut baar toppers ki story padhta hun lekin sir unko follow nhi kr pata
        9)sir, choti choti batein feel kr leta hun aur pura din vohi batein sochta rehta hun,aur pura din aise hi nikal jata h
        little story about me:-sir from class 1st to 8th i got marks in the range (75%-80%) because sir that
        time my mom taught me.my mother was teacher. sir mein mumy se darta bhi tha aur sir mein padh bhi leta tha.. sir my mother expired when i was at 9th standard…after that sir i got markrs from 9th to 12th in the range (>55%&<60%).sir after 12th maine ek saal drop kia aieee ke tyari k liye kuch hasil nhi hua
        private college se btech keee..civil mein (aggre 68% ) .
        sir , meri mumy toh hamesa se yehi chati thi ki main bhut intelligent banu, sir matlab pata nhi mein kaisa hun… sir mere papa bhi ye hi chate hain aur sir padhai ko leke toh mere ghar mein sare conscious hain..sir, fir se mein apne ghar valon ko mayus krne wala hun…kunki sir mujhe kuch bhi nhi aata..
        sir,iss problem ka koi soluton hain….


      2. Pratisha

        see Rahul your problem is that you are underestimating yourself a lot…you should get rid of that habit…learn to control your mind…dont think too much about the outcome…the outcome is not in your hands…but your today’s work is in your hands…your focus should be on the present work…do that to the best of your ability and capacity…rest all things you can just leave to god…believe me everything will get settled down just focus on the work you are doing right now…that’s it.
        You should nourish your mind properly…-ve thoughts are like weeds which will destroy your mind…dont let them to enter your mind…replace them with the positive ones…think that” I will work hard and i will suceed one day….till that day i will not stop…”
        You can also read some good self-help books or can watch some motivational videos to bring your mind back to track whenever you feel low…I hope these small things will help you to overcome your problem…being a well-wisher of humanity i just tried to help you out…:)



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