[Quickie] How much are Coachings important for clearing GATE or IES?

This question is frequently asked by aspirants. However, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward.

Coachings play a good role in your success if-

(1) Your basics are not clear. You haven’t paid attention to literally anything during your college studies.

(2) You find it tough to get disciplined. You can’t stay focussed and your study habits are too aberrant.

(3) You get motivation only through live competitions.

If none of the above applies to you, you can easily clear GATE and IES exams without taking help from any coaching. Coachings don’t give you a panacea. They just ‘help’ you out and in turn you pay them. How much you can materialize that ‘help’ depends on you.

However, I will not suggest you to join coachings if you are a self motivated student having fine basics and have a habit of learning from the book itself.

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12 thoughts on “[Quickie] How much are Coachings important for clearing GATE or IES?

  1. prashant

    can i prepare for ies even after joining job,actually i have completed my btech and my financial condition is not so strong that i wait for 1 year and rely on them for my preparation…so can i prepare for it while i am in the job itself?


  2. Piyush Bhatt

    Plz sir give some suggestions to students which are in their early stage of graduation (1 or 2 years) and want to crack GATE/IES paper.
    waiting for ur reply sir.
    Thanks for ur different post’s.


    1. Hi Piyush,

      My advice for 1st and 2nd year students is to concentrate on laying a strong foundation and clearing the concepts as much as possible. Nothing else is needed at this moment.



  3. Sumit Verma

    I have qualified the GATE three times but hardly my rank is all about 4000 AIR. My dream & aim was the selection in anyone of the PSUs. I have completed my M.TECH. from NIT Kurukshetra but now-a-days I am working as an assistant professor in an average college. At this time my age is about 27 and I belong to a lower middle class family. I am not happy with my job because I am not able to teach the students properly & I think I don’t have skills for the teaching.
    What should I do at this time.? I want to join any company but when the recruiters look at my m.tech. profile they reject me. Should I take the GATE exam again & again or ese exam other else option what I have. I am in too much frustration. Please help me.


    1. Hi Sumit,
      As you have qualified GATE 3 times, means you have that caliber in you, but you are missing at some small but crucial point. You should search for that point where you are missing. Since you are teaching right now, you can strengthen your basics side by side.
      You should start practicing problems as much as you can. If not GATE 15, then GATE 16 will be all yours.

      All the best πŸ™‚


  4. Hello sir ,
    i am currently in my final year. i am not able to apply for IES this year because of my age (i am 20 year old). then what should i choose between M.tech or 1 year drop for IES preparation or Job. plz advise me to choose right way. i want to became IES officer actually. u may answer me on my email – sachindra.tomar@gmail.com


  5. harshveer

    hello sir,
    i m a pre final year student of civil engineering Branch.
    im doing my b tech from a local pvt college of my city.
    and now i want some guidance for future.
    im interested to appear for gate..as well as ies
    so what should i do from now it self

    also plz tell me about psu which are related to gate exam

    sir. plz guid me.. so that i can start a good preparation for gate or ies exam

    i have been reading your blog since last week , u r very helpful to freshers sir
    my friends too started to follow your blog.

    plz answer my question soon
    u may also answer it on harshveer.success@gmail.com


  6. shubham

    I want to appear in civil services 2015 with electrical engineering as an optional.
    so how to approach towards it.
    Should i start to practice for conventional question of both cse and ese right now. or first prepare for gate and the practice conventional after it.
    I have also referred to Prakash Rajprohit’s blog , Prince Dhawan’s blog, etc. they say that follow standard book so
    should i follow book or start form previous year ese and cse question then questions in book ans when and how to refer / read theory form these

    please guide me


    1. Hi Shubham,

      In my view, you should go for practicing cse and ese conventional paper questions and then go for the topics in the books if you aren’t able to solve the problems.

      These exams should be prepared selectively to be more efficient.
      All the best πŸ™‚



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