Winds of Change (Short Story)

Champa is feeling ecstatic today. She belongs to a poor family in a village of North India. Today, God has gifted her a beautiful sister. She is feeling like today is a festival.

She fills up a basket with candles, incense sticks, some sweets and goes to the temple of the tutelary deity of that village.

Standing in a praying stance, she starts talking to Her..

“Maa, Thank you for always being with us. I am so happy to have a younger sister now. Thank you that the people of this village don’t kill their girl child. I am going to school, and my little sister will also accompany me very soon. My amma (mother) always tells me the story of Kiran Bedi. I know that she will become an officer like that.

Thank you maa for giving me a good father. I have heard that many fathers beat their wife and daughters after drinking alcohol. He never does that. He loves us very much. Thank you maa for keeping this wind of change blowing.

Thank you”


This post has been written as a part of ‘150 words Visual Dare’ VisDare 61 – Festival.
This post is dedicated to the countless supermen and superwomen who laid their lives for the noble cause of women empowerment in India.


One thought on “Winds of Change (Short Story)

  1. I loved how you wove fact into fiction. I’m glad she has been fortunate enough to be born into a good family. Female empowerment has a long way to go, but thank goodness there are people who never give up.



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