Intention (Short Story)

“Tell me! Have you stolen the money?” Father scolded her.

Little Pinky stood there, looking towards the floor. She had tears in her big, cute eyes. She was just 5 years old, 3 ft 2 inch tall, wearing a light pink frock. Her milky white cheeks had turned pink.Β 

She realized that she could no longer hide the truth, at least till the next day.

She went to her room and came back with a small greeting card holding in her tiny little hands.

On that card, it was written – “Happy Mother’s Day to You Papa. I never miss mumma because you were always there..” along with an adorable drawing made in wax crayons.

It was Saturday evening.

Sorry, for writing again on the same prompt, but I couldn’t stop myself from expressing this story. I wanted to write something for mother’s day and this is my delayed writeup on that.
Thank you for reading. Waiting for your comments. This post has been created under the Saturday- 100 words feature of write tribe.



6 thoughts on “Intention (Short Story)

  1. that was touching… most often we scold the young ones without knowing their real intention… we keep forgetting that at such age, there cannot be any bad intentions…



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