Patience ( Science Fiction Short Story )

I had never anticipated that this experiment will have such an unexpected result! Is this the outcome he was aiming for? I wish i could go back 20 years to that day and ask him this question….

“I want a twin pair to carry out this experiment. It will change how the humanity looks at physics.” claimed that old looking guy.

“But what we will have to do?” Neel asked, my twin brother.

“Just a little separation. You will have to go on a round trip in space, while your brother will remain here on earth, waiting for you.” He replied with a lot of ease in his voice.

“I promise you that the patience will pay you adequately, or at least one of you” he smirked while pointing toward my chest.

“What was your name again?” I asked.

“Albert Einstein” He replied.


And here stands Neel in front of me looking 15 years younger than me.



Thank you for reading. This post is being written under the VisDare 60 : Patience of Angela Goff blog.
Comments are most welcome.
PS: This fiction is based on Albert Einstein’s Twin Paradox.

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