Demolition (Short Story – Horror)

Horror Bites

I got out of my white ambassador car in front of that abandoned house. I was the Chief engineer sent there to supervise the demolition process. There was a plan to build a hotel on that land.

The supervisor saw me and came running… “Sir, Sir…”

“What happened Gopal?” I asked.

“Sir, out of eight workers, three are absent today.” He said in a complaining tone.

“But we are already running out of schedule Gopal. We must do it as soon as possible. Call them or arrange some other ones.” I ordered him pointing towards his face.

He withdrew. But after going a few steps, he returned to me. 

Hesitating, he said..”S..Sir..”

“What now Gopal?” I was getting irritated now.

“Sir, the present ones are also reluctant to work here.” He expressed his helplessness. “They say, there is a ‘Baram’ in this house. And He don’t wants it to be demolished.”

“What?! What is this ‘Baram’? And how is he preventing the demolition?” I exclaimed.

“Sir. May be you don’t know. But before you, two other Engineers had came here. One got sudden kidney failure and the other one was hit by a truck. One is dead and the other one is on dialysis. Workers are experiencing weird things here. Some are saying that the three workers are not absent, they have got missing. This Baram is actually a ghost of Brahmin, which is considered to be the most powerful of all spirits. Even it is worshiped in many Brahmin families.” He explained in a single breath.

“What a crap! I know you people. You always look out for excuses. Do the job or i will give you a charge sheet!” I rebuked him.

Suddenly, a big branch of tree fell on my head, crushing it completely.

The house was still standing straight.


Thank you for reading. This fiction is being written as a part of Horror Bites Challenge # 4 of Office Mango blog. Comments are most welcome.
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