A Stranger Who Changed My Life

I spoke hesitating .. “Hello”. “Am I speaking to Manish Bhaiyya”?

( ‘Bhaiyya’ is a Hindi word for ‘Elder Brother’. Used as a suffix for respect.)

“Yes I am Manish. Who is it?” Prompt reply came from the other side.

“Bhaiyya, I am Sagar. I have got a rank in All India Engineering Entrance Exam and I have to appear for counseling process very soon. My friend Mayank gave me your number. Can you help me regarding branch and college selection please?” I was still having a tinge of resistance in my voice. After all I was talking to a total stranger who may turn up as my super senior in the days to come.

“Yes Sagar. Tell me what do you want to know?” He replied in an assuring tone. My hold on the cellphone became firm. I gained confidence.

That day the talk went for a long time. And then again few more times in the later days. Not only me, he did talked to my father also. Finally I got admission in the same college as that of him and also the same branch.

Only difference being- I was in the first year of B.Tech and he was in the final year of same course.

In an undergraduate college environment, where greeting senior as ‘bhaiya’ is considered as a sin, Manish Sir never pointed out this big ‘sin’ i was committing every day. Gradually, I myself got the idea and adopted calling him as ‘Sir’.

When I got admission in the college, I was extremely frightened of ragging. I called Manish Sir and told him about my concern. He replied “Sagar. Don’t worry. If anyone tries to rag you, which will mostly be done by the second year students, just call me.”

I can’t explain now, how much those words relieved me.

These are just two examples of his selfless kindness. He helped me in hundreds of occasions. It would be impractical to write each and every occasion here, else i would have done that.

I was always in touch with him during my first year of college. When i went to second year of my college life, one thing which i was missing the most, was his presence in college. But whenever i feel, i always use to call him and get the required guidance.

Although, almost 6 years have passed since we talked first yet, he still talks to me with the same conformance and care. He has always been one of the Guardian Angels that I have got.

He has a profound impact on me and my personality. I always strive to carry on the legacy of that ‘selfless helping’ which he demonstrated. I don’t know how much am i successful, yet i am trying my best to provide a ‘Manish sir’ to all my juniors whether i know them or not.


PS: This post is dedicated to Manish Chandra Kaushik Sir. My Guide, My Mentor. 🙂


Thank you for reading. This post has been written under The Daily Prompt – The Kindness of Strangers of The Daily Post. 

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11 thoughts on “A Stranger Who Changed My Life

  1. I really enjoyed this open honest post Sagar. It is lovely to read how someone has made such a positive impact on another person’s life and how this has inspired you to follow his example. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

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