A Flashback of All the Diaries of my Life…

This one is going to be my first post on my personal life on this blog. A post related to all my darling diaries that came into my life, played their part and vanished somewhere in the fog of memories.. A memoir of those helping hands, those chiseling tools of my life.

The Terrible Toddler

It was my mother who introduced me to this idea. I was in class 6 or 7, i guess. I was that shy, introvert boy who used to go to school, come back, study in the evening, take dinner and then sleep everyday. There was nothing like a ‘hobby’ in my life. She asked my father to give me a diary so that i could write something everyday. My father was well aware of the future of this venture. He pulled out a super-old diary, which was lying as a waste with him and gave it to me. I really don’t remember how did it look like. Its memories are very much faded for me.

I started writing. I wrote on day one. I still remember what i had written. It was about how my mother was cooking food, my younger brother was studying and my father was helping him. That’s it! After all, I proved my father right. There was no day two of diary writing.

Later we used to read that one page and get a hysterical laugh on the funny Hindi grammar of that little boy, which was me.

The Three Musketeers

Few years passed. No diary came to my life. Then one day, i found myself in the midst of a famous rat race. The Race to the sacred IITs. It changed my life forever. I felt the need for planning. And this planning was brought in my life by my second diary. The Aramis.

A brown colored diary, with foam coated covers and very fine pages. A beautiful one. I started making time tables and deadlines in that diary. Day after day, hour after hour, i used to update it. Not in much systematic way, but rather in a haphazard way. But there was something more special about this diary. I started writing motivational quotes on the footer in alternate pages. I think the inception of this blog in my subconscious mind took place during that period.

It was that stage of my life when i felt the interest for writing poems inside me. I got another diary, the Porthos (An old fella with brown cover and pages gotten yellow due to their age.) and started composing motivational and horror based poems which sometimes tended towards emotional end too.  I still remember the title to some of them- ‘ The Warrior’, ‘Good Bye’ and one of my favs – ‘Don’t say it’.

Still, there was another ‘super-diary’ in which i did nothing like traditional ‘diary-writing’. The Athos of my life. A short, navy blue colored diary with not very fine pages. The dates were written in both Hindi and English. Every morning, i used to write my daily targets, I used to draw progressively filling bar graph depicting the days to the examination, and by the end of the day, i used to give a score to me based on my performance that day. I really really enjoyed that experience. That was truly awesome. (Though you might judge me as a ‘super-nerd’. OMG am i revealing too much? :p)

Obviously, i was the d’Artagnan. 🙂

 The Uninterested Uber

What happened to my dream of IIT is a different story. I got into college. I was new. I was frightened (fear of ragging and first time out of my home). I searched the companionship in a fifth and a brand new diary. The older one were full and also this new stage of life deserved a new diary at least. Unfortunately, it couldn’t go any further than 7-8 stories and poems. I got engraved in the typical Engineering student life with a blind thirst for pointers. When i realized the real significance of pointers, it was too late.

I had already devoted my 7 sems to pointers and nothing else..mark my words..nothing else.

And that was the end of the ‘Era of diaries’. After all those four years of B.Tech and thereafter the jobs, i have lost all of them. 😦

 The IT Revolution

Then i started this blog.. My digital diary. I don’t do a daily writing here, but, it gives me the same feeling, which I used to have during my school days. I feel the same oneness with it, that same camaraderie. I am sure, that if you are a blogger, you will certainly agree to me.

So. That’s it.!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. This post has been written under the ‘IndiSpire – Edition 12’ Category of Indiblogger.in.

Comments are most welcome.

2 thoughts on “A Flashback of All the Diaries of my Life…

  1. Thank you so much Surabhi.. It was really nice knowing that you share the same experience as that of mine..
    Keep reading..

    Thank you again 🙂


  2. Surabhi Panwar

    I truly enjoyed reading it! It was such a coincidence that today your blog caught attention in my favorites list and I came here!
    😊 Even I was introduced to diary writing by my Mom somewhere in 6th or 7th vacations. And my story is no different.. 4 years of engineering and the unwanted (I realised now in 8th sem!) attention to pointers didn’t give me the chance to continue with diary writing. But now i think the time has come again to start a new one with the new phase of life.



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