Should we be a Perfectionist?


I have met two kind of people in my life till now-


Type 1- “Oh my God! I have been given a task. I should stop breathing until i complete it. God is watching me. I have always been a topper kid (with a proud accent and slightly raised neck) and I must not deviate. I will do it better than anyone else in my class using my time-tested secrets which my mommy has told me since childhood!”


Type 2- Abe chill maar. Bhai, paas hi to karna hai. Ye to prof. ki tension hai. Waise bhi 80-20 rule suna hai na? 80% results come from 20% of the efforts. We are too laborious, we will put not 20, infact 30% of our effort and that will give us much more than 80%. Now, let’s party! We will pick up the books the night before the exam.

You might be wondering, in which category do i lie. All my close friends can easily classify me but for you- it’s a secret 😉 And you know in which category do you lie. But that’s not the point here.

We, gentlemen (and women), have gathered here to get the great idea of achieving greatness by going on the path of giving something perfect in return of what we have got. But, is perfection always necessary or ‘so-so’ will also do?

Is this idea something like-

“Either you die as a Perfectionist or live long enough to see yourself become a Frugal”?

Yes, this quote still holds that same depth and meaning as it was holding when originally spoken by Harvey Dent in the legendary movie by our own Nolan babu – “The Dark Knight”.


What We Want?

Scenario 1: 

A man comes to his scooter. He tilts the scooter one side before kick starting it. Scooter asked him- “Dude! What the hell! Why do you rub my side on dirty roads before starting me? ”

Man replied- ” Shut up you old noisy peace of tin. You take so long to start. You deserve this.”

Scooter shouted- “Why can’t you get me serviced regularly?”

Man said (with a smart grin on his face and raised right eyebrow) – ” If a mere tilting you can start you, why to go for all that economical pain?”

Scooter became chagrined.

Scenario 2:

A dirty wall with a lots of posters and an instruction- “Yaha poster chipkana mana hai” ( Pasting posters is prohibited ) with ‘mana’ word rubbed out and is hardly visible. One of the poster caught my attention. It said- “Fail Pass karen” (Pass the failed ones). I read it further. It said – “The students who couldn’t pass their board exams can pass by enrolling to this xyz school. Passing guaranteed 100%”. Anyone can guess their mode of action. 😛


Scenario 3:

An engineering college. A project examination is going on. A student brings a working project on “Quadcore processor based monitoring of the intra galactic expansion of the universe by studying the gravitational lagrange points”. Professor looks the project with a grim face and asks the student- “So, what is Ohm’s law?”

The Student: “Umm.. Unhh.. Enhh.. Sir.. Resistance.. Current..proportional..”

Professor: “Ok.Ok. I got it. Now leave.”

Student stood up and left. The bill of the project making shop was still in his pocket.


Scenario 4:

(a) A professor sitting in his cabin. He picks up the text book and previous years papers… After 25.56 seconds… The question paper is ready.

(b) A student gets the question paper. He knows the answers that he has rote by heart last night. Doesn’t matters he is unaware of the methodology. He knows the answers.

(c) A professor gets the copies for checking. He checks the answers. Answer to a question is ‘pie’. A student has written 3.14. He gets a 0.


Scenario 5:

A Rajnikanth’s movie is going on in a theater. In the last 15 minutes, some technical problem comes and the movie comes to a halt. Technical staff finds it tough to resume the movie immediately. They apologize to the audiences. The people start shouting for complete refund. On refusing and offering partial refund, people start threatening to vandalize the theater.


Scenario 6:

An IES aspirant is preparing for the exam. He picks up the book and start reading it like Chetan Bhagat’s novel, only a million times boring than that. His laptop is open in front of him. He keeps checking his fb account every 30 seconds. His smartphone is also lying on the side and he keeps checking whatsapp every 35 seconds.

After a significant period of time…

An IES aspirant is sitting in front of his laptop, holding his head and a juggling mind. His name is not in the written cleared candidates.

What do these scenarios have in common? What do they tell us? I can create 100 more scenarios like this but these 6 are sufficient for the point that i am trying to make. And that point is..


We always expect Perfection when we are on the receiving side, but we never (even try to) provide Perfection to others.


In S1, while the scooter owner never bothers to provide perfection to scooter, he expects it to start and work perfectly. In S2, people have made this frugality as their business, fooling them and the whole system. In S3, the student don’t even think of providing his best in the project, because that’s what everyone does. In S4, neither the prof nor the student is delivering perfection. In S5, audiences want perfection on the part of the theater, but will they do the same? In S6, the aspirant fails to play perfect on his part and expects to get the perfect result.

But, is the deviation from perfection so down to be frowned upon? No. It has its own benefits.

The Pros of Non-Perfection!

  1. Easy to do. No Worries. Life Jhinga-la-la.
  2. Quick.
  3. Cheap.
  4. Many times- OK results.
  5. Loved by others- Yes.. you find most people like you.

Ohh.. you are feeling seduced by these pros? Let’s have a look at this-

The Pros of Perfection!

  1. Supreme Self-Satisfaction. The self realization happens.
  2. You feel different. You feel like a super hero.
  3. You earn followers. You earn respect.
  4. Your actions start speaking for you. You need to speak less. And speaking less gives a sense of power.
  5. You enter the league of awesome people. The best of the bests.


It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.


Whatever you will do, only that will define you. So true!

We all love perfection. We need perfection. We chase perfection. When we go to a showroom, we can’t tolerate a partial dent in the new car we are going to purchase. We can’t tolerate the torn cover of a new book, even if we know that we don’t need the cover page. We love to see a movie with a perfect story, perfect action and perfect direction. We want a perfect job. We want a perfect home. We want a perfect life.

But why are we so reluctant to provide perfection in our actions? Let’s see..

Problems that Perfectionists Face-

  • Huge Peer pressure. People frown at you. You feel like a Burger in a McDonald’s restaurant.
  • Usually, the perfect ventures require more investments. And not just money. Investment of time, money, labor, focus etc
  • It requires honest feedback. It is usually tough to find. In the absence of honest feedback, we may have to turn into a self critic. That is really really tough.
  • The distorted social setup. It is not designed for perfection and when too many perfectionists start penetrating it, it becomes agitated.
  • Bringing perfection guarantee change. But people resist change. They want to stay in their cozy and cool room. They can’t bear the sunlight of change. They will torcher you. They will abuse you.


So, How are we getting the perfection that we are experiencing in our day to day life? From where does this perfect company, perfect book, perfect movie, perfect blog post (:P) comes?

The answer to this question lies in this super quote from Batman Begins-


“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy, and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne. As a man, I’m flesh and blood; I can be ignored, I can be destroyed. But as a symbol… as a symbol I can be incorruptible. I can be everlasting.”


Yes. Perfection can be created by an incorruptible intangible entity. Why do we talk of iPhone, why are we so sure of its quality? Why Apple is so famous? We all know that Steve Jobs is no more, yet Apple has not lost its charm.

That ‘semi-eaten apple’ logo always does its job. Similar is the case with other such brands. That ‘tick mark’, those ‘four squares making a window’ make up an image.

But How can this perfection be attained?

It is surprisingly simple. Going back to our favorite Dark Knight trilogy. In Dark Knight Rises, Selina Kyle is trying to talk Batman into leaving Gotham. She says, “You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything,”. On which, Batman replies-

“Not Everything. Not Yet”


Such a beautiful reply.


Only by giving Your Everything to that one Cause, You can attain Perfection. That cause should become your Life.


So, i think that was too much talk on perfection. But before i end this post on perfection, there is one last thing that i want to convey. Let’s have a look on some of the perfectionists and you yourself decide what you feel about them.

Christopher Nolan

Aamir Khan

James Cameron


Whether you are a perfectionist or not, doesn’t matters much. I am also not a perfectionist. What you are thinking now, really matters. I don’t say that you become a perfectionist as it is tough in practice and on some level, it is anti-social too. But trying to be a perfectionist is what is desired from all of us. It is the key to being Super human.

Ending this post with this (somewhat distorted) quote-


He’s the hero Society deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Perfectionist.



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13 thoughts on “Should we be a Perfectionist?

  1. Surabhi Panwar

    Nice article Sagar. I believe that the strive for perfection is can definitely bring success to us. Also, giving our 100% in working for goals is something that makes us satisfied and happy (personal experience). Even the failure in that case is not so painful !!😊


  2. neha

    Sir .. I have been folowing your posts ..
    Wanted to ask you that is it this kind of perfectionism you mentioned that helped u achieve all the have done thngs that very few coud achieve.. So is this the secret…
    I believe everyone has some or the other flaws.. No one canbe perfect as ‘ to err is human’…
    I amonly asking out of curiosity as i have failed many a times .. May be i could find answers through your blog… Hopeful of a reply
    and thanks for this wonderful blog


    1. Hi neha,

      As you yourself have mentioned that no one is perfect.. and that is a maxim.
      The point that i have tried to make here is that our aim should be striving for perfection. Attaining it is a different issue. But atleast we should try for it. Why to give half-hearted efforts, specially something related to me, which is my own creation and will decide my destiny.

      When i was in college, there was a professor, who always used to say that the answer sheets of tests are a creation of the student. Student should treat it like part of himself. Give it the perfect you.
      All the parents in this world want their child to be the best, the perfect. Why? Because he/she is their creation. He/she is their part. This same zeal should lie in each and everything we do.

      As far as i am concerned, i am not even close to perfection. I have a million flaws which i am trying to lessen. Here, I try to convey what i think is right.

      All the best 🙂

      PS: Sorry for the long lecture 😛


  3. pawan jayant

    Consider a person who remained medoicre whole through his life and at the fag end realised after listening her granddaugter singing_’such a waste of life,i could be a singer too had I not shyed away from my hobby’.
    God has endowed each one of us with a inherent quality,which we have to search ,sooner the better


  4. But if everyone starts giving his half-hearted efforts, where will we reach? Moreover, being a perfectionist can be one’s personal choice. Even it is our fundamental duty to excel in our fields.


  5. I think perfectionism is more a pirsuit of worst in ourselves than being the best of bests..a constant quest for seeking what seems to be ideal, trying hard every time…however perfectionism shouldnt be taken as an excuse for never getting started. 🙂



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