How to increase your Awesome Quotient?

Whatever you do, whichever exam you excel, if you are not awesome enough, people will forget you, even worse than that, you will get bored of your life. Being an awesome person promises you many things, the best one is an interesting and fun filled life. gives the definition of awesome as-
“inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear”

Read the above definition 10 times. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a person like that? Leave the world aside, in India alone, there are 1.2 bn people. How many of them are known to you, apart from your friends and relatives? Or take it otherwise, How many of them do know about you?

If you think that being sunken in your text books day and night will make you awesome, then my dear, you are wrong. Being a topper earns you only momentary happiness, but the real fun lies in awesomeness. Textbooks help you only upto your mid 20s, after which your personal charisma comes into picture.

The earlier you cultivate that charisma inside you, the better you will feel about you and your life. The awesome ones are always the leaders while the so called ‘experts’ are only the advisors.

Neither Bill Gates, nor Steve Jobs, nor Dhirubhai Ambani, nor Leonardo di Caprio, nor Sachin Tendulkar nor any celebrity is a topper and a book worm. Its this ‘awesome factor’ which works in them.

Let’s move on to the real deal now. Doing these, will definitely increase your awesome quotient.


1. Pick Up and Read them all- Read as much as possible. NOT TEXTBOOKS. Pick up any random book from library and start reading it. How about something you hate? May be reading the book will change your taste. Start with short reads. The thin ones.  Make it a habit to read at least a book per month.  I do this a lot, i read such topics, about which others rarely bother.

How will it make you awesome?
(a) Whenever you will be talking to someone, you will have many interesting topics to talk about. People love to hear intelligent thoughts, the things they don’t know about.
(b) You will make better decisions. A wide reading base gives you a wider range of thought.


2. Be Confident like You are the President of Nation-  Confidence works like a magnet. A confident person can be differentiated in a crowd of thousands of people. When you speak with confidence, people find bounded to listen to you. When you walk with confidence, people try to follow you as they feel that, you know the right path.
Confidence is something which is most easy to gain but is very rare. Out of 100 persons, only 1 or 2 will seem confident in their actions. This is your call. Go be in that 1 position.
In the advertisements, have you seen the confidence demonstrated by the models. What do you think, why do they do that?


3. Write An Awesome Blog- If you can make people read what you write, you are capable of winning any war. When you write, you express yourself. The words become your own creation. Be original, be genuine, be creative. Cross all leaps and bounds, and write your heart out. By writing more and more, you will get to know yourself only.
The more your reader base increases, the more your reach increases. Be ambitious. Try to write and publish a book. You are unique and so are your thoughts. There can be nothing more awesome and rewarding than having a published book to your name.
Write jokes, poems, stories, anecdotes, two-liners, travelogue or whatever you want, but you must write.


4. Be Interestingly Humorous- Noone likes a person as serious and grave as a log of wood. I hate people having a dead frog emotion on their face. A smiling face and a witty attitude can earn you a lot of friends. If you have the ability of cracking good jokes, then you have been bestowed with one of the best abilities. Unfortunately, not everyone can be Kapil sharma. Even then, you should be a light hearted person.
Whenever you are speaking or writing, do it in a light manner. Don’t pretend to be a retired professor while doing that. You should demonstrate the intelligence of a scientist while having the wit of a college student. (specially engineering student 😛 )


5. Be Genuinely Yourself- Originality is always praised. Be yourself, be genuine, be unconventional. Never imitate others. Develop your own style signature. Make others follow you. Be the path maker. In this world, being original is really an asset. Each one of us are different, yet we start following others and then we lose our originiality. Don’t commit that mistake. A second Lata Mangeshkar will not gain anything even closer to the original one.
Don’t be a doppleganger, be the original piece..always.


Start following these advices, and you will notice the change in you, real quick. Being awesome is the best gift you can give to yourself. Fear in you will subside drastically and you will feel many more positive side effects too.
I hope that you liked this post, and if you do, please share it so that others can also know about it.
Keep reading, Keep writing, Be confident, Be awesome, Be Unconventional.


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