How many attempts do i need to qualify any examination?

After a long long time, I am back to my blog.

Today I am going to write on a topic on which I was thinking to write for a long time. Now that I have got the time to express my views here, let’s see what I have to see & whether you are going to agree with me or not.

Many people have a ‘big’ question in their mind- “Can I clear xyz exam in my first attempt?”  This ‘xyz’ could be any examination, be it GATE or IES or IAS or CAT etc etc

A closely related version of this question is – “How many attempts do I require to clear xyz exam?”

I bet at some point or the other, this question might have come to your mind. I know this because it happens to everyone, even me too. But eventually I realized the secret behind the “attempts” question. I am going to reveal that secret today..