How To Make Jawdropping Presentations for Instant Lead in Competitions

Have you ever given any presentation? If you are an engineering student, which, I think you are, then you must have heard about MS Powerpoint.

That familiar, cute, old, BORING piece of software which 99.9999% of all the people use to make their so-called ‘PPT’! You might be thinking- “What the hell! I am here for my GATE/IES preparations, & he is bragging about ppts” to which my reply is “GATE/IES is not end of the world my friend. World exist before exams & it exists after it too.”

Personality development is a continuous process & your personality should be visible in everything related to you. When you give a presentation, it is believed that-

  • It is your concept
  • It Is your design
  • It is your content

Whatever may be the real truth about content 😉 but you can always make the design of your presentation so appealing, so fascinating that people get entangled in that so badly, that for the moments the presentation runs, they forget about everything else.If you are also a fan of dark knight series like me, then you must be aware of this quote-

“Theatricality and deception are powerful agents”

First of all, who am I targeting with this post?

  • Engineering students specially studying in final year
  • People in job who have to regularly give presentations.

Now, What is this thing I am talking about?

It is Prezi.

What is Prezi?

Prezi is a web application which is used to make stunning presentations within minutes.

How is it different from PowerPoint?

In powerpoint, we have discrete slides which move in a linear fashion as the presentation proceeds but In Prezi, it’s like a video whose progress is completely in your hands. In prezi, you can zoom on to a content, turn it around, make is 100X more appealing than powerpoint.

Can I see some samples?

Yes, why not. Many cool people from around the world are already using this prezi for teaching, business & learning purposes. Many of those prezis are public & you can have a look at that.

Have I used this Prezi anytime?

Yes. I was aware of this service right from my final year of but I didn’t used it in my final year project presentations about which I deeply regret. When I came to NTPC, we had to give a presentation during our ‘Core Values’ Module. Cunningly I chose the value ‘Innovation & Speed’ knowing the innovation in ppt that I was going to make 😉

When I gave the presentation, after it ended, my whole batch came & congratulated me. Not only that, after the end of module, everyone was to give two thank you notes to persons they thought helped them learn something new. One was our instructor, for obvious, & other was.. you know who 🙂

After this shameless blurting out like a class 1 child, let’s proceed to the next doubt that you may have-

Is it free?

It is free but for limited capabilities. For advanced services, you’ll have to upgrade. But I can assure you that free account is very much enough for us.

What are the cons of this service?

Some of the cons of this service are-

  • To present on a system without net connection, you’ll have to download your presentation. But its presentation being made on flash framework is of around 100MB.
  • Shockwave flash player is required to run the presentation, which I think pretty much every system contains.
  • You can’t make or edit it offline. In order to do that, you can download – ‘Prezi Desktop’ but then it is a fully functional trial version for 30 days only. Rest you can try your brain on the trial period.
  • That’s all I can think of now.

But the benefits of this service are so huge that it easily overshadows the cons. Moreover, you can upgrade your account by referring it to others.

So, Now the magician has revealed his trick to this world & now it’s your choice to carry on the legacy.

If you still haven’t seen the website, you can visit it here.

You might be thinking why am i telling people about this awesome website. I don’t want to keep my readers in dark, after all i have studied ‘ethics’ for my mains paper 😛  The website is giving upgrades for referrals.  If you like this blog & also liked this post, you can sign up on their website by clicking on the above links which will give me a 1 month free upgrade. Thank you in advance for giving me that! 🙂

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