How to pick a ball that is lying in front of you- The Beauty of Law of Attraction – I

After writing some posts on GATE & IES, now I have decided to widen the scope of my blog. So, in this post, I am writing about something that will help you in each & every aspect of your life.

This concept is present everywhere, every time, even then, somehow we fail to comprehend it, we fail to understand it. Knowing about this is strange, how a big concept like that can remain hidden from us? The main reason behind this is that it is not included in the basic curriculum of schools.

Without making further fuss about it, let’s begin this awesome journey to awesomeness.

Before you read further- Skepticism is good, in fact, encouraged. But to learn a new thing, an open mind is must. Discarding something just because it is not going by your common sense can’t be said smart. You are master of your life. A single trial will not cost you anything. 

First thing first, why am I writing a post about LOA? There are many reasons behind that. The first one being LOA itself. How, you will understand it very soon. Apart from that I want to help people in changing their life. LOA is such a powerful tool that can change the world. It can change the blowing winds. It has infinite power. It can make you the topper of GATE. It can make you ESE AIR 1. It can make you the PM of this nation. Literally.. It can do anything….ANYTHING!

For those who haven’t ever heard of this term, I will go step by step saving them from getting confused.

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction is a principle just like the principle of gravitation or the principle of newton’s laws of motion. It tells us that whatever we think, we attract it towards us. In more crude terms, whatever you will think, you will get. Every happening that is going on with you, has a reason to why it is happening to you & that reason is LOA.

Can you give me some Practical – Every day examples of LOA?


  1. Rich are getting richer because they always think of gaining money.
  2. Poor are getting poorer because they always think of lack of money & means of subsistence living.
  3. You find more & more incidences of rapes in the news because you are always watching about it on news & discussing it.
  4. When you buy a new car/bike, suddenly you feel that it is everywhere.. you will see it on net, in newspaper, in real, in your neighbors home etc..
  5. You find it easy to crack an exam when you are not tensed about it but are kind of sure of cracking it from the moment you start preparing for it.

It is possible that you disagree with all the above facts, but even then, what harm can it cause you other than taking 3-4 minutes in reading this post?

Is it a Science?

Globally, scientists don’t consider it a scientific phenomena till now, but researches are going on. I, personally, consider it a pseudoscience. The reason being- you can’t prove its existence with a concrete example. If you start practicing it, you will feel it but it is hard to prove to anybody that it is due to LOA. Once you start believing on it, it becomes a part of you & only you can see its awesome effect.

Have you tried it?

Obviously, yes. That’s why I am writing it. For the last few days, I have been getting many awesome things by applying this law. In fact, it is LOA which is compelling me to write this post, because for last few days I am thinking about LOA a lot, & this has manifested itself into a blog post. Who knows, upto where can it lead me 😉

That means it has no scientific basis? That is superstition dude!

No dear, when I first read the book “The Secret” & saw the movie which is basically a kind of discovery channel documentary, I was skeptical about it. As I like researching about these things a lot, I did & what I found along with my own thinking, I am going to tell you.

The explanation goes like this- Einstein’s mass energy equation tells us that energy & mass are inter convertible. We have mass & also energy which flows through our body. Some call it soul, some call it chi etc etc. In fact, Pranayam & Qigong techniques are developed to keep us healthy by proper channelizing this flowing energy. Whenever we think about something, we develop an energy in us. This energy development process goes down to quantum physics levels. This energy gets more & more profound & strong, the more we think about the same thing. Now this energy has an equivalent mass & according to gravitational theory it will attract similar energy (mass) towards it.

It may seem like a complete bullshit, but I hope a better explanation will come very soon.

How do I get to believe this?

If you want to get benefitted by this law, you have to believe it.

“BELIEF” is the keyword here. For the starters, let’s do an exercise. Take a pen & a paper & on the paper write down this- “ I saw a lot of crows today”. You may laugh at it but it is the most simple example to make you believe on it. Keep this doing for a week everyday in the morning & try to notice the birds that you see everywhere. Note down your observations. After a week you can do further experiments by replacing crows with anything that you want.

It is important to know that your wish can be manifested in any form. Like in this exercise, you may see the crow on TV, on internet, on poster, in a book, in newspaper, in real, anywhere, since you haven’t specified about it.

So, this is it for now. I have many more things to post about it, that I will post in days to come. But till then, the best way to change your life using LOA- THINK POSITIVELY. NOT ONLY THINK, FEEL IT.

In the meantime, if you want to read more about it, you can have these two very good books-

E Squared.

The Secret.

The Power of Positive Thinking

I don’t know how you have recieved it, so please comment below. Whether good or bad.


11 thoughts on “How to pick a ball that is lying in front of you- The Beauty of Law of Attraction – I

  1. ARJUN

    Hey Sagar,
    Nice post….I have seen that movie regarding LOA …but some things shown in the movie are ridiculous like attracting more girls because LOA is limited to personal level only i.e. things related to you earning more money,achieving things in right time..etc……
    You can never take control over others will…it is said in the Hypnosis also…but what shown in the many movies misguided many people….

    i am an ESE aspirant…i read all your posts. they are inspiring and motivating…
    thank you…keep it up 🙂


  2. Arvind

    Actually I was aware of such a phenomenon from my childhood but I made a different theory to explain it, as I didn’t know it was called LOA. My theory is that the human subconscious mind actually has the capacity to modify the reality surrounding the human in order to satisfy the strong desires of the human conscious mind. To what extent or how it synchronizes with other people’s desires, I have no idea. Its just an unproved theory on my side. What are your thoughts on my theory? Also am preparing for the GATE too and found your blogs very useful. Especially the one about how to crack gate in 2 months. I was confused about how to approach the exam after going through the concepts and was wasting time. But now I have a concrete path to choose. Thank you!! 🙂


  3. a.l.n.c

    yes …. obviously good..
    1) you shown here , how to make our view wider which make us ever-student to learn new things always.
    2) a new appreciable thought with crow example of LOA.
    3) yes … the above post shown u r in initial stage bcs little clarity needed instead superstition.
    4) yes…. i agree … when our thoughts and actions become same , indirectly we are near to our goal.
    5) finally …. a thousand tons likes to ur post … to share such worthy info.


  4. Amarjeet

    Awesome article sir. I also believe in LOA whatever we think, we attract it towards us. I also have seen video ” The Secret” . sir I want to ask that , Is there any website or any source known to you from where I can download general knowledge and English lectures from IES point of view. sir I m from mechanical branch and my GK and ENG is not so good however I have very good command on my branch subjects. I have purchased hari mohan parsad for eng as u mentioned it…..



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