Preparing for GATE / IES ? You might be interested in this book review…

Hello Friends,
I hope you all are preparing for GATE & IES in full throttle. Just few days ago, i bought a handbook on electrical engineering by arihant publishers. Being honest, just in first sight, i was in love with this amazing book. The beauty & elegance of the book compelled me to write a review about it. Just to make it interesting in my own way, i am writing it as an imaginary dialogue.

You: Ok Mr… Which book is this?
Me: Arihant’s Handbook Series – Electrical Engineering. (Links at the end of article)

You: Sagar,your camera sucks! Anyways, i thought that you were done with GATE & IES, so why did you brought that book?
Me: Actually, i love new books. I love to see what they have to offer me new. Apart from this, i have electrical as my optional in cse.

You: Ok smarty! But why are you advertising? Are some kind of agent or something?
Me: No. When i found the book & read it, i felt like spreading the word. I sincerely believe that it will help you a lot in your preparation. The book is so amazing that i felt that if i don’t spread the word, i will be like a child of class 5 who avoids sharing his secrets of high marks 😉 I brought this book, I liked it, I felt ecstatic.  i felt like telling this to others. Rest is your choice. End of story.

You: Alright! What are the pros & cons of the book?
Me: Pros: Awesome print quality
Excellent coverage
Concepts along with formulae
Very little errors

Cons: A little costly, but it pays well.

You: But if i am correct you already had a handbook. Isn’t it?
Me: Yes, while i was preparing for GATE, i had brought another one. That time, this book wasn’t published. Now i feel that that book was a junk. That was non-uniform in coverage & content too was not very good. This ones heavily pays off the cost. The contents page of this book looks like this-

You: Will it be beneficial for me? I have joined/ not joined any coaching.
Me: It really doesn’t matters. When it comes to exam time, the focus should be on practicing problems, rather than reading notes & books. In such a case, this handbook will prove to be very handy. Easy revision, to the point review of the topics. That’s what everyone needs at the time of exams.

You: (Yaaawning..) Man..Now you are boring me. Now end this post by a short conclusion & also by telling me where can i get this book. I haven’t checked by fb account for like 5 minutes!
Me: For me, this book is indispensable for GATE & IES aspirants. I assure you, you will never repent after buying this book. Even if you have one of made easy or cengage, you will definitely enjoy reading this book. Since i have brought only one of electrical, still i strongly believe that other branches handbooks will also be equally good.

So, don’t wait, go buy this book before it goes out of stock or at least check it out. You can get this book at-
Electrical Engineering @ Flipkart
Electrical Engineering @ Infibeam
Electronics & Communication Engineering @ Flipkart
Electronics & Communication Engineering @ Infibeam
Computer Science @ Infibeam
Mechanical Engineering @ Infibeam

PS: Even if you are feeling that i am advertising for this book, i want to tell you that i am not. I will be reviewing some more books very soon. I am waiting for your reviews & comments. If you have any more questions, i will be more than happy to answer them.


14 thoughts on “Preparing for GATE / IES ? You might be interested in this book review…

  1. Guru

    Hi Sagar,
    I saw your post regarding clearing gate in 60 days, it is really helping me now.

    for electrical engineering objective i saw 2 books from J.B Gupta,

    Please suggest me which book will be good according to you for gate. I was an average student 2013 EE pass-out, and want to improve problem solving skills for gate.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Guru,

      I have the first one with me and I believe its a good book. However, I must tell you that it contains only answers. No solutions are given.

      All the best 🙂


  2. manish

    i had read analog electronic from boylested but still i am unable to solve bjt amplifier fet biasing, problem from r.k kanodia so tell me wht should i used to do.??


  3. Vishwa

    It’s an amazing post of yours…….I have a question….that I am pursuing my B.E in ECE……can I apply in CSE for gate..??


  4. sujay

    sir I am in need of a mechanical handbook for gate 2014 …
    but iam unable to find any such books of arihant. so plz kindly send me the link……………….


  5. sahil

    sir,i too have this handbook and i have read networks and machines from this book recently. But while solving questions from j b gupta objective i was able to solve only 50-60% of the questions. i want to ask u what should be done so that i can solve all the questions from this book..please suggest me whether i should go through text book again or continue doing problems from j b gupta with the help from handbook.


    1. Hi Sahil,
      Problem solving requires practice & clarity of concepts. You should know the tactics to tackle a problem. This books gives you basic ammunition to attack the question, but the skill to solve, that you’ll have to develop yourselves. If you are unable to do the problems, take a book & solve the examples without looking at the solutions. That way only you can develop an aptitude of solving problems.

      All the best 🙂


    1. Hi shreya,
      Sorry but this publisher is not publishing for instrumentation. You can go for other books. But i think, the handbook of ECE might be helpful to you. Check it.

      All the best 🙂



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