How to prepare for GS & English part of IES Exam (Without Coaching) ?

Hello Friends,

I hope you all are preparing for the exams in the best of your spirits.

In this post, i will tell you how to prepare for GS & English for IES exam. This one haunts many people who are preparing for IES on their own.

But, before telling how to prepare for these, i think i must tell you some important things about the paper.

  1. GS & English is asked only in Paper I of objective part of IES exam. This comprises of 200 marks & 120 questions. Out of this, 60 are from GS & 60 are from English.
  2. Questions from GS can be categorized into two parts- Static part & Current based part.
  3. English part consists of synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, comprehension etc.
  4. Since the paper counts for 200 marks out of total 1000 marks of written part. Neither you should leave it totally, nor you should “over-do” it. It should be given just sufficient time & preparation.

Now, How to prepare?

  1. For GS- Static part- I used this book published by made easy every year. This is a very good book & covers almost everything that you need for the exam. The book is a bit bulky, but that is due to the big font & ample spacing that they have provided inside. If you have this one, you need not go for anything else & I will recommend it as a must have for IES GS part. – General Studies for IES 2014
  2. For GS- Current part- If you read newspaper regularly, you are done. But if not, then you can follow this- Current affairs by Jagran Josh. You need not delve very deeply into the news items like IAS aspirants, just skim through the headlines & know what is going on.
  3. For English Since IES 2014 is still a long way to go, you have ample time. Buy this book & go for it religiously. Give it around 30 minutes everyday & you will come up with flying colors. – Objective English for Competitive Exams

So, the book list is in front of you. Buy the books & start studying them today onwards.

This paper has a lot of potential. If you are able to get 75 in both of the parts, you will end up with 150/200.

For the GS static portion, from the book, preference should be given to polity, modern history, science & technology & economy. If you get time after, then you can go for other sections too.

Vocab building is a continuous process. Do it everyday. Take 4-5 words & try to learn them by making sentences with them. This website updates 4-5 words everyday with excellent usages.  You can also subscribe to their website to get all those words delivered to your mail box daily. Daily Word list

If you have any further queries, you are most welcome to ask them in comment.

PS: If you still haven’t subscribed for the blog, you are not being fair to me 😦  (Just kidding 🙂 ) Do it now!


14 thoughts on “How to prepare for GS & English part of IES Exam (Without Coaching) ?

  1. Ramu Kandregula

    Thank you Sagar. It is really helpful. May i know the Author of Objective English book?

    I want to give my best attempt. i am preparing for only 2 months. I did my from IIT kanpur, but i am not in full touch with technical after that. But i am sure that i can make it.

    Please give me, your suggestions. i love any suggestions given.

    Best Regards,


  2. sheenam gajala

    I hv to prepare upse ies xm for electronics and communication branch
    Which book prefre for technical paper,that it help to clear concept or easy to solve objective qustion?
    Plz reply


  3. Dinesh Singh

    Hi Sagar , Plz explain how to prepare extra subjects for EE
    1. Electromagnetic theory
    2. Communication theory
    3. Material Science

    Plz mention these things
    1. Standard books (e.g. you have mentioned- Analog Electronic J B Gupta, Boylestead )
    2. How important are these subjects (e.g. % marks in Objective & Conventional)
    3. Basic strategy to cover them.

    Thanks a lot . Your Blog is awesome . God bless you


    1. Hi Dinesh,
      I have already covered the standard books in the post.
      Imprtance of the subjects can be easily analysed using previous year papers. I will write a post on it after my ias mains examination.



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