Complete list of books that i used during my preparation for GATE & IES


Before you read- It really doesn’t matters to which branch you belong to. You could be from Mechanical, ECE or Civil. Even then, this blogpost is for you too. Please read this to the end.

Hello dear friends,

I hope you all are enjoying reading my blog & it is helping in your preparation to achieve your big dream.

In fact, it is one of the entry in my impossible list to get accolades from people like- “Your blog helped me a lot in clearing IES/GATE”.

Wait a sec! What? Impossible list? What’s that?

Haha.. I knew it. This is one impossible list by Mr. Joel Runyon, reading whose blog inspires me to inspire people. Read his impossible list by clicking here.

Now, the important part for which you are here-

The booklist. First of all, it is for Electrical engineers only. For Mechanical guys, i’ll write it soon. ( Getting inputs from one of my friend from Mechanical who has also cleared IES).

Second thing, what i believe is that there is nothing like a hard & fast rule that you should read these books only. There may be even better books available in the market. But, i am giving the list of books which i used to prepare for the exam.

The purpose of books is to make you understand concepts & give you ample practice. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are able to understand the concepts from a book, then you don’t need to go for another book just for the reason that someone else has read it.

Third is, Please try to stick to one book. Going for multiple books for a single subject may not be wise as it will lead to wastage of time & money. If you are going through one book & feeling comfortable with it, do not change it.

So, before you stop reading the blog & close the tab, i should tell you the name of the books.

I am giving the name of the books along with the links, in case, you want to buy it. This is not an exhaustive link. I am writing the name of the books which are coming to my mind now. In case i miss some subject, mention it in the comments & i will reply asap/

My Book list for IES (Electrical)

  1. Electrical Machines by P S Bhimbra.
  2. Power Electronics by P S Bhimbra.
  3. Electrical Power systems by C L Wadhwa.
  4. Power system engineering by Nagrath & Kothari (Specially for faults & relays)
  5. Circuit Theory by A K Chakrabarthy
  6. Electronic Devices & Circuits by Boylestad OR
  7. Electronic Devices & Circuits by J B Gupta (It is better than Boylestad)
  8. Electrical Engineering Materials by J B Gupta
  9. Control Systems by Norman Nise (Much better than Gopal)
  10. Control Systems by B S Manke (Awesome book to have ample practice)
  11. Signals & Systems by Oppenheim Wilsky
  12. Electrical & Electronic measurements by A K Sawhney
  13. Electromagnetism by Sadiku
  14. Digital Electronics by Morris Mano
  15. 8085 Microprocessor by Ramesh Gaonkar
  16. Solid State devices by B G Streetman

Note: Here i have written the names of standard books only. Regarding other (competition specific) books, i have added the links on the RHS of this page.

That’s all i can recollect for now.

One question that might be coming in your mind is – Should i buy standard books or coaching notes?

I will suggest- First standard books, then if you feel the need, then coaching notes. Personally, i don’t think you will need coaching notes if you have the books.

Still books are better. Why?

They make your concepts more clear. They are not targeted towards any examination, so they give you complete, in-depth knowledge. Coaching notes (as i have seen with many people) usually touch the concepts & without going into any depth, move on. So, if you are doing self preparation using the notes, many doubts will come into your mind, but no one will be there to answer them.

Thank you for reading the post. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please comment whatever you feel about the post.

All the best 🙂


45 thoughts on “Complete list of books that i used during my preparation for GATE & IES

  1. nitish

    electrical engineering materials
    (1) machines:-wildi or asfaq Hussain and nptel notes (by iitm)
    (2) basic electrical engineering:-hayt or Mittal
    (3)electronics :-j b gupta and mano
    (4) signal and system:-oppenheim
    (5) power system:wildi and v k mehta or grainer


  2. veda

    xcellent job brother…..i am from ece background…..i am preparing for ece gate 2k15….i followed ur suggestion (reading standard books )..but i am going too deeply(derivations like crap) finally leaving important topics of syllabus…so having in sufficient time…if prepared limitedly …no satisfaction …what can i do? pls rescue me brother? ?


  3. parag sahare

    hello sir the work you are doing is really good.Sir i want to ask about preparing for circuit theory in GATE.which topics should i focus more on ?


  4. Aakash

    I m 5 th sem EEE student .
    Sir first of all I have find your blog one of the best and genuine for the advise u give so far.
    So I also have some queries –
    Sir I am preparing for GATE/IES without coaching. And opted for study material.
    1) I want to know how one should set daily goals ?
    2) its very hard for me to keep consistency (it would be help full if u give any suggestions )
    3) which refresher did you use for gate
    4) if possible can you provide me a daily time table (ideal )that one should follow (if possible can you provide your routine that you follow at you’re time of preparation)
    4) should I give gate in 3 rd year or not ?
    Waiting for you’re reply .


  5. subham

    i’m in 3rd sem mechanical & want to know what should be my strategy to prepare for gate & ies entrances.
    I would also be happy if u can give the list of books required for mechanical branch.


    1. Hi Subham,

      I have shared the strategy for the exams on this blog. You can go through that, and if, you have any further queries, you can ask me. I will try to give you the mech book list very soon.

      All the best 🙂


  6. rajitha

    hai sagar this blog is very helpful to gate,ies aspirants.u did a great job.can u plz suggest the previous years publications for gate preperation.


  7. Surabhi Sinha

    HELLO SIR!!! i am from EE department and I hav just given my 4th sem exams. So please tell me what should be my preparation strategy for GATE from now onwards.


  8. Sreenivas

    Hi Sagar,
    The blog info really helps the aspirants. Impossible list blog is too good 🙂
    your efforts are very well appriciated.
    I am here for my bro who wants to appear GATE. Currently he is about to complete his first year.
    Is it a good time start preparation?
    could you please post the list of preferred/standard GATE books for EIE group.
    And any tips to follow would be really helpful.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    1. Hi Sreenivas,

      Since your brother is in first year of now, he should focus on his college studies. He should start focussing on GATE when he gets to third year. Now, he must concentrate on clearing his concepts and building a solid foundation.

      All the best 🙂


  9. mohit kumar

    bro i have started the preparation and have finished digital i am grappling with electrical machines but this subject is giving me nightmares..
    plz suggest how to tackle this subject .


  10. Such a nice post for the preparation of gate and ies all the books listed and other points are well given. I hope my dream comes true by following them. Thank you so much


  11. Vardaan

    Hello bhaiya,
    I am a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Presently, I am in 6th semester. Actually, my concepts are not much strong and I often feel that I have wasted my 2nd and 3rd YEAR.
    Please suggest me some steps and a good STUDY PLAN, so that I may strengthen up my concepts as early as possible. My dream is to score a top rank in GATE 2015. Please help me fulfill my dream…


  12. Meghana

    Hi Sagar!
    Your work is really very appreciable.Many students(including me) are in lack of proper guidance about these exams and their preparation.
    Coming to my question,it’s about the prep of ESE. I’ve read your post about preparing GS and english for ESE so my question is about the rest.From where should the technical subject practice be done?I mean,what are the books available that help in practicing problems related to ESE?
    And also, when should the previous years papers be solved?in the days of revision or just after finishing learning concepts?
    How should the prep of conventional part of the exam be?what books help in that?
    Once again,thank you for all your valuable guidelines.


  13. Sanjeev

    First of al a great salute to al your posts… They al were awesome… Am a 2nd year student entering into 4th sem now.. And i have already started my preparation for gate… So my question is… Is it a healthy move by me to start preparing at an such an early stage… Becaues people usually starts at 3rd year or so…. And if it is a healthy start then please suggest me how to start and how to move on…. ?


  14. Ashish Pradhan

    Dear sagar bhai,according to u which hand book I should buy for gate-2014 electrical engg. exam.

    e.g.Gate-2014 by GK publisher,arihant etc.
    (plz give me best useful book and that will be final to me)



    1. Hello ashish,
      In my view, arihant’s handbook is one of the best. Still you can visit your nearest bookstore & have a look at them & then decide accordingly.

      All the best 🙂


  15. Shivu

    Hello Bhaiya..
    Whatever the book you have suggested i am having that book and i am flowing too but i have foreign writer books. may i flow that books too for IES & GATE. Please suggest me please bhaiya please bhaiya please bhaiya…


    1. Hello shivu,
      If you are comfortable with the present books, you need not change the authors just because someone is saying that. Have a look on the books & then decide accordingly.

      All the best 🙂


  16. riya

    hi sagar,
    first of all, thanx for ur initiative to help students. It’s really , highly appreciable. I will be joining this month in IT-sector. There will be 6months training. So, it will be very hard to find time to study. I will give gate in 2014 (CSE dept). I have already given gate in 2013, and just qualified (25.33 marks, general category). So, can you tell me, how i can manage time to prepare and can see iit’s by getting rank within 200.


    1. Hello Riya,
      As you have mentioned that you have already cleared GATE 2k13 with a small margin, i think you lack in practice rather than concepts. You should make up time to have practice. I am sorry to say it, but this is the only solution.

      All the best 🙂


  17. Ajay

    Very useful blog for the aspirants.Keep up the good work.
    Which books you have referred for practising objective and subjective questions for IES apart from previous year solved papers?


    1. Hello Ajay,
      For objective paper, i used GATE 20 years solved paper by Genius publishers + IES solved paper by Arihant publishers.
      For subjective paper, i just used the IES solved paper by Arihant publishers.
      I hope i have answered your queries.



    THANKS 🙂


    1. Hello Vivek,
      Actually i don’t want to give any wrong information to anyone, that’s why i will avoid making guesses. If i find someone from ECE who has cleared ESE,i will ask him to give me the list. If not now, i’ll definitely meet someone when i will join the service. Then i will post it here.


  19. a.l.n.c

    Its worthy info dude which u given…….but i have some queries
    1) can u give list of ece books for gate ?
    2) am started my own preparation . so in which order of subjects shall i study ??
    3) how to study ….”first concepts & later working out problems” or “while am doing problems referring relative concepts”…which one is better ?
    4) many of my friends told me …give importance to “revision”…how to do this efficiently ??


    1. Hi alnc
      (1) Sorry, i don’t have this info now.
      (2) Order of subjects is your own decision. Start with easy ones. Finish them first quickly, then move on to the nasty ones.
      (3)If you are studying the subject first time then the first strategy is good. But if, you know the basics, going by second strategy is good as already i have told in my previous post.
      (4) If you solve the problems & test papers regularly, your revision will automatically be done.

      All the best 🙂


      1. a.l.n.c

        hi sagar ,
        1) wt abt english and aptitude …how to do them ?? mainly english….??
        2) r u staying at vidhyanagar, in madhyapradhesh .right ??



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