How much the IES cutoff has changed from 2011 to 2012: An analysis


In my second post, my plan was to discuss the strategy on IES (ESE), but first i thought it would be wiser to analyse things a little bit.

On the top of this page is a comparison of final cutoffs of IES from 2012 & 2011. I have calculated the difference between 2012 & 2011 cutoffs & what we have got is in front of you all.

While in many categories, it has increased by more than 20% reaching to a maximum of whopping 27%, whereas, in most of them, the rise is around 14-15%.

This is a huge difference! Not only in cutoffs, the ranking too has skewed a lot.

My marks in ESE (EE) in 2012 is 611 at which i have got AIR 35. At the same marks, someone in 2011 would have landed in top 5!

While the topper had around 640 marks in 2011 in EE, it jumped to 720 marks in 2012. Similar trends are visible in all the branches.

Now, you may say- “Ohh..The paper might be that easy in 2012 as compared to 2011. It happens..“. To which, my reply is- No bro/sis, paper was not that easy in 2012 as compared to 2011. I have seen them both.

So, what are the possible reasons behind this abrupt rise?

1. Rising awareness & thereby rising competition- The number of students that are writing IES exam is increasing exponentially every year. Not only people from, people doing, Ph.d, people working in private sector, public sector, everyone is running after IES because of the rewarding career attached to it.

2. Changes in vacancies– Every year the vacancies change. This change culminates into the changes in cutoffs. The worst part is that, before written exams, we don’t know about the branchwise vacancies.

3. Inadvertent dumping of engineers by colleges- The colleges in India are converted into a “black box” to make “engineer” out of a 12th pass student. The quality of the education is falling day by day & quantity is on a rise day by day. The market is incapable of absorbing so much of manpower. This makes people go for either joblessness or the jobs in which they feel unsatisfied. They view IES as the means to find their internal satisfaction. In fact, many CS & IT guys go for IES exam in CE or ME!

4. Rise of the coachings – The number of coaching are increasing everyday. 10 years ago there were 1 or 2 coachings for GATE/IES, but today there are many of them. With expansion of branches, they have reached to many corners of India.

So.. That’s it. I rest my case.

The purpose of this blog post was to make you aware of the seriousness of competition in this field. Next year, we can also expect rise in cutoffs. But eventually, it will reach a plateau,where it will subside. But the compeititon will never subside, it is an ever increasing phenomena.

ESE 2014 is still an year to go. It’s better if you start preparing from now on if you want to be the part of the prestigious Indian Engineering Services.

All the best 🙂

PS: My next post-

1. That’s everything you have to study in order to clear IES (ME) (Without coaching)– Guest post by AIR 29 in ESE 2012.

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10 thoughts on “How much the IES cutoff has changed from 2011 to 2012: An analysis

  1. seriously blv d above reasons true…..but blv me 2012 paper was easier…..i gave it dis year….m a civil engg…n see last year highet marks dipped(at least fr civil) n d rise wasnt dat steep either….initially even i was startled… after seen 2012 ppr …. i feel dat i knw d resn fr d steep rise…….


  2. shubham gupta

    sir , i m a keen follower of your blog !! please do post regularly !! this is the best blog for i.e.s !! thank you !!


  3. Aspirant

    Below are some of my questions

    Was general ability paper of ESE 2013 very easy as compared to 2012?What will constitute an above average score?
    OBJ 1 EE papers of 2013 difficult wrt 2012?
    Conventional Paper 1 EE had 5 questions to be done out of 7 as compared to 6 out of 10 in 2012,how would it impact the scoring ?
    Will cut off decline this year?



  4. anonymous

    @Sagar I am scoring 490 out of 1000 in ESE 2013 EE.
    Please let me know if I should start preparing for ESE 2014 or I have good chances this time .


    1. Hi,
      As you can see, cutoff in IES is not a fixed proposition. If you are getting 490 in written then definitely you will get a call for interviews. Assuming an average marks of 120 in intreviews, you land upto 610, which is a pretty decent score.
      So, if you are from general category, your chances are good, but if you are from reserved category, then your chances are excellent.
      All the best 🙂



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