How to crack GATE in 2 months time (without coaching)?

Hello friends,

This is my first post and i am going to tell you how to clear GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) and that too without any coaching.

The first question that might be coming to your mind is – How the hell did i know that?

So, the answer is – Through my experience. While i was in my third year of college, i got AIR 186 in GATE 2011 without much sweating. Again in GATE 2012, i got AIR 138 & that too without much effort. May be the rank was not “too” good, but it was decent enough for the level of effort that i put into it.

So, you can also get impressive GATE ranks without much toiling after knowing these steps.

1. Have your concepts clear- This is more of a pre-requisite than a step. Throughout your 2nd & 3rd year of, try to clear the concepts as much as possible. The clearer they will be, the easier you will find to sail through. Now you may ask me- What should be the level of clarity? Answer to which is- You should be able to teach the basics to someone. If you are unable to do that, you have to open the text-books once again.

2. Collect the arms & ammunition- Even if the title says 2 months, but this step should be started at least 6 months before exam. So, around June-July, start collecting these books-

1. Solved papers of previous years of GATE. (Preferably- Chapterwise(Most Important)

2. GATE Refresher (Very Important)- For the link to the books that i have used, look at the right side border of this page.

3. Textbooks (Either in print or e-books) of all the subjects which are in the syllabus of GATE. (Important)

4. If possible, sample papers for GATE/ any test series. (Not so important)

3. Start solving the problems-  Yes! Start solving. Do not start reading the text books cover to cover. In 2 months time, it is a rare possibility that you will be able to do that. Now the steps for this step are-

  • In the solved paper book, start with a chapter. Start attempting the questions. Most probably you will face difficulties in solving them. If you are missing on the formula or some single concept, open up the refresher & look after it. If you are now able to solve the problem easily, then proceed to next question.
  • If, however, you feel that the question is like a stranger in a strange country on a strange planet, then you should open up the textbook. Read all the related topics to that question & do the practice problems. Now, return to the questions, are you able to do them? If yes, then proceed to the next question. If not, again read the topic & practice from textbook until you become comfortable with the topics & gain confidence in it.
  • So, the step is – Questions from previous year- read the topic -practice the topic. This way you will do a selective & much more efficient & targeted preparation.

4. PRACTICE!! There must be some reason why we call doctor’s job as “practice”. Really, this word has the secret to success in any examination of the world. Stop reading your books/notes like novels, Open up a notebook, grab a pen & start practicing the questions. Make a target of at least 100 questions a day. If 2 months practice while in final year of college can lend me a decent rank, which ultimately, lead me to NTPC Ltd and later on to IES, imagine, what could you do if you are preparing full time for GATE.

Run..Start practicing.. Slot for AIR 1 of GATE 2016 is still open!  :)

PS: If you have any queries, you can ask me in the comments. I would be glad to answer them.


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360 thoughts on “How to crack GATE in 2 months time (without coaching)?

  1. thanks for such a nice and useful blog….sir i need such a bolg ..i have some question hope u can answer it by sparing sme time from ur work…
    and a very big congratulation for IES..and i heard u aiming for IAS ..all the best for that too….but pls guide me in the way of my preparation of ies/gate

    KUMAR VIVEK ,ece aspirant of IES/GATE

    • Hello Vivek, Thank you for the appreciation.
      If you have any specific query regarding the exam you can ask them here. I will try to answer them to the best of my capabilities.

      • Sir I want a link of the refresher book for electronics and communication
        Plz provide me d link.

      • Hello kashyap,
        I will write a blogpost on IES interviews too. Then you will find all your queries answered. Subscribe to this blog (if you have not done till now) or like the facebook page to remain informed about the updates.

        All the best :-)

    • Thank you radha.
      As far as practicing is concerned, do it as much as you can. If you are able to solve the questions with moderate effort you will easily cross the cutoff. But if you are able to solve most of the questions easily & within time, you will come in the top ranks.
      All the best :-)

  2. Thank u very much boss for simplifying GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) for aspirants and taking such a great step to help others.

  3. future of aerospace engg is worst in india .
    so is it better to go IIT for m tech Aerospace engg or to prepare for IES. (mechanical)

    persuing Aeronautical Engg. (last year)

    • Hello Kaushal,
      Sorry to say, but i have not much idea about aerospace engg.
      Whether to go for IES or is a purely personal decision. In IES you will directly be posted in a group ‘A’ services of government ministries. If you want to pursue further studies & go to foreign etc go for else IES is the option.

  4. hello sir,

    I am preparing for gate/ies 2015.but my agreegate is 54% in first and second year. & I dont tink tht I can cover the agreegate 60%.
    is this mattr for ies/gate..bcoz I hv heard tht minimum 60% is req. for tht…

  5. Hi,

    I have been clearing GATE (CS) three times in a row. Or if I say, just qualifying, it would be apt. I am currently working in a leading IT firm and can devote only stipulated time for the preparations. I would appreciate the help in this regard, so that I get a good IIT for 2014. And lucky for you that your basics were amply clear from your college days, I just wasted!


    • Hi Priya,
      Even if you are in a job, you can get top ranks in GATE.
      Always remember, to be in the top, you have to do things differently. Such different things will be-

      (1) Consistent preparation. Devote at least 1-2 hours everyday

        on practicing questions.

      (2) Revise regularly. It’s of no use if you read & never revise.

      (3) Since, you think you lack in conceptual clarity, for every question that you solve, try to understand its inherent concept.

      All the best :-)

  6. thnx 4 such a valuable and nice tip

    can u tell me how to analyze mock tests so that we can catch the pitfalls and we can work effectively on them

    • Hi Hulesh,
      In mock tests, look out for each & every question. If you are unable to solve a question, you should read all the topics related to that question & have practice on those topics.

      • Sir this things hapens wid me when i prep for any exam while solving questn i am able 2 solve each and every questn perfectly even i can solve those questn dat nobody is able to solve in the class and while giving exam i dont knw wat hapens wid me but i always get less marks even less than wat i expect . it means my solo performance is gr8 bt wen it cums to face the challenge among a huge mass my results alwaz disapoints me.plz sugest me smthing to get rid of this

      • Hi Hulesh,
        By what you have described, it seems to me that you fail to perform under pressure. I suggest you the following steps to get rid of this problem-
        (1) Whenever solve a problem, set up a time limit & stick to it. Push harder & harder to solve within stipulated time.
        (2) If you have some friends, who are also preparing, try solving problems together & then compete- who will solve the problems first.
        (3) Join a test series.

        By regular practice, this problem will subside gradually.
        All the best :-)

    • Hi dave,
      My personal experience with Gk publications is not good. There are a lot of wrong answers in their books.
      As far as made easy materials are concerned, i have not used them, but you can buy them. I have seen them with many of my friends. Basically it consists of matter picked from various text books. So, if you have the text books, buying materials will be somewhat redundant. But, on the other hand, they provide a one-stop solution for whole syllabus. Now, the choice is yours.

      All the best :-)

  7. Hello Sir,
    I am from CSE branch and i want to know whether its necessary that one should join Test series for constant practice ?

    • Hi Prerna,
      It is not an absolute necessity to join a test series. But i would recommend to join one, since then you will get the feedback.I never joined any test series for GATE/IES but i know that test series helps. But if you don’t join it, you will not be losing much & still can gain top ranks.

      All the best :-)

  8. I must compliment you for providing a gr8 platform for the aspirants for fruitful guidance and discussions through this blog…wish u all the best!!!

    • Thank you bro :-)
      I need your help in writing one of my upcoming blog post. It is regarding the book list for GATE (ME) & IES (ME). I will mail you regarding that.

  9. Thank u very much to help others. M working in a public sector bank at chennai, working hours (10AM-7PM) from Monday to saturday. Not able to prepare on every day. Your suggestions are very useful to me. Last year cleared Gate. but i dont think so that i will get this time since work pressure, I wanted to prepare for IES/GATE with the limited time, m in the verge of forgetting my engineering basics now. Please guide me in this regard.


    • Hello Hari,
      First buy a refresher, so that you can revise regularly the basics & the formulae. Devote at least 1-2 hours daily for questions practice. On weekends, try to devote as much time as possible. As i have written in this blog, try to do selective reading using last years questions. Do not go for exhaustive study from textbooks.

      All the best :-)

  10. Sir thank u so much 4 providing a platform 2 express our queries regarding gate& IES …I m preparing 4 gate & IES from indore. instead of going to delhi 4 preparing Ies I decided to stay at indore and prepare here even though I know dat delhi’s atmosphere 4 Es is good dan indore.what extra efforts I need to do to “Compete wid d people who r staying at delhi & preparing 4 ES”.

    • Hello Pratik,
      In my view, it’s not at all necessary to visit Delhi for the preparation of GATE & IES. You can do it from anywhere you want. As far as the environment is concerned, if you have self control & discipline in your preparation, no difference will be created. But if you find yourself missing the track very often, then i would recommend you to join some test series. It will help you in keeping up with the pace of others.

      All the best :-)

  11. sir my aim is to clear UPSC/PSC but now i’ve decided to study for GATE-14 coz this is my last year of engg. and with the help of gate score card i can easily get job. after my engg. i will start prepairing for UPSC. so how i start my prepration for GATE-14 because only 5 months are left. my branch is ECE.

    • Hello Rajat,
      I have tried to cover the answer to your question in my blog itself. If you have any specific query, feel free to ask.
      All the best :-)

      • Thnk u for such a wonderful guidance. . Sir I m from civil dept n I got less dan 60 in pu n I knw tat every govt jobs r asking min of 60 so I thought of preparing for gate I need ur guidance 2 refer which book for gate 2015 ? Den even I hve one more doubt whether Can I clear gate by preparing in month

  12. last year,i secured air-1388 in ee discipline without preparing for gate seriously . so i decided to give it a try this year with full effort and joined made easy. i am preparing well but due to lack of time , i am not able to practice questions properly and regularly. What should i do in order to get a top rank this year?

    • Hello piyush,
      You said that you are preparing well but are unable to practice properly. What does this means? In my view, for GATE, practicing is preparing. Whatever you are doing, reading notes, making notes etc, stop that & start practicing questions religiously. If you find problems in question solving, only then refer to your notes to brush up your concepts.

      All the best :-)

  13. What is the role of refresher book? Is it sort of formula sheet ?If one has self made notes, then ? Will it be requirred during revision period or now also? Thanks for the awesome work!! Too useful! :)

    • Hello Sp,
      Refresher book contains formulae along with important concepts written in a concise manner. It is like a summary of the subjects. If you have self made notes, then it is good,but sometimes it misses some points & becomes somewhat lengthy. In fact i too have a copy in which i have wrote all the important formulae & concepts, yet i feel that refresher helps you. It helps you while problem solving & during revisions.

      All the best :-)

  14. Sir I m From Mechanical branch. I m preparing for IES 2014 exam. I never joined coaching institute. I am studying through NPTEL lecture videos. I want to ask are NPTEL lectures are sufficient to build conceptual knowledge which is required as per IES exam level………or what extra I should do for IES level Preparation….

    • Hello Amarjeet,
      Personally, i have never studied from NPTEL videos but i have seen them. If you are lacking in the basics only then you should go for them, else you will gain less for more time invested. Instead of watching videos of NPTEL, you can study much more efficiently by adopting the strategy that i have pointed out. I will cover IES preparation in more detail in my upcoming posts.

      • thank u very much sir. I appreciates your work it will lead IES aspirants in right way. please keep writing such type of useful articles………..

  15. Also can u throw some light on rank wise department alloted for Mtech in IITs and also rank wise PSU’s that can be applied for ?

    • Sorry sp, regarding rankwise deptt. allocation, i have no idea, since, i never planned to go for Regarding which PSU to choose, that is a personal choice culminated with the fact whether the PSU chooses you. It depends on the type of work you want, the facilties you are looking for etc.

  16. hello sir,
    i m aspiring for GATE 2015. is it necessary to only stick to syllabus of GATE, or should i read whole reference books.

    • Hello cruise,
      If you are studying for knowledge’s sake, then read from cover to cover. But if your aim is GATE, no need to do that. Just stick to the syllabus.

      All the best :-)

  17. Hi SAGAR,
    Thank you for the wonderful post. I have been with this GATE for three years now and I’m joining M.Tech. this year in a govt. run college in my state still with the aim of GATE 2014. Frankly my concepts are still not so good and at present I am with the textbooks. Is it not enough to start solving problems from mid-November?

    • Hello poornima,
      What i will suggest is to mixup problem solving with text book reading. That’s the whole point of this post. Whatever subject you are going to study, first look the previous year questions. Accordingly decide the important topics, start by reading & practicing those topics.

  18. Hello sir,
    i am a mechanical engineer and i want to know the best objective book(means where no. of errors will be less) for gate 2014

      • Thank u sir.
        but i want to know that do u think it is the best book to solve problem(i did not required theory)with minimum no. of mistakes.

      • Arjun, i have seen many books & i found a really uncanny thing about most of such books. When the solution to a problem is wrong in a book, it is wrong in others too. Even in the books written by coachings. I can’t guarantee you about the mistakes since i myself haven’t used this book, but based on reviews, i think this is a good book.

  19. I am from production amd industrial branch.what is the scope after clearing gate.its better to try for iit or nit.or join a job

    • Hello jagdish,
      Going for job or is entirely a personal decision, no matter from which branch you are. If you are interested in further studies / research, then you must pursue M.Tech. But if you find it tough to study anymore & now want to earn some money, then go for job. You can change your mind after 1 or 2 years also & can go for the other one.
      All the best :-)

  20. Hello Sagar,
    first i congratulate you on your success…Bro I passed civil engg from jadavpur university this year and joined a design consultancy named M.N.Dastur & co(p) ltd…I want to prepare for GATE-2014, can you help me in keeping myself motivated to study after coming home from office..
    thanks in advance…

      • Yes, nothing is impossible.
        Buy chapterwise previous years solved paper & make up targets to finish each chapter within time. It is simple.

    • Hi chandan,
      Thank you.
      It is a tough one ;-)
      After you return from office, try to get some rest for half an hour, drink tea, take a bath, so that you start feeling fresh.
      Now, motivation is a tricky thing. What you have to do is to open up the GATE previous years solved papers book & start flipping pages until you find a question easy & doable. The question will attract you & you will feel like -“ohh.. i can do this question! It’s pretty simple.. ”
      Try that problem. Hopefully you will do it correct. Now your confidence level is a bit high. Now search for another easy question from same chapter & do that. After 3-4 questions, start doing sequentially.
      The point is start with easy ones & then go to difficult ones.
      I hope that will help.
      All the best :-)

  21. thank you for your wonderful blog……i got many new points which i can incorporate in my studies……sir now i am having 6 months..what should be my strategy now?………

    • Hi chandan,
      Its simple, divide topics week-wise, so that you finish complete syllabus in 5 months & then do as much practice as you can.

      All the best :-)

      • thanks for your reply sir……i am having 2 question banks(made easy 3200 solved objective problem and made easy gate question bank)…is this sufficient or i need to solve more question banks….or solving these 2 question banks multiple times…….

    • Yes, it helps in recapitulating single & small concepts & formulae. But you can’t rely solely on IES objective question paper for your entire GATE preparation.

      • Thanks again!! :) Btw, have not introduced. Am shivanee frm Odisha, and you ? what do you do?

  22. hi sagar,…..your blog is fantastic, very useful for gate….thanks……i have joined a coaching institute (very good coaching)…but they said that gate syllabus will be finished by last week of january … if i study in parallel with my coaching then i will not have time to revise properly….but i want to complete my syllabus till december ….what should i do?……please reply

      • i am in final year of college…but i take my coaching notes to class and study there….time is not problem with me….also my coaching teacher says not to consult any book ,just study his notes….is it right?

    • Sorry kundan for the late reply.
      I feel that your teacher is right & you should concentrate on a single source & keep on practicing in parallel to whatever is taught in your coaching institute.

  23. hello sir …i m siva….from chennei……please tell me best objective question bank for civil engineering for gate… solving subjective questions helpful for gate.?….

    • hello siva,
      since i am not from civil engg, i am not much aware of the books. But i think the one of made easy will be a good one.
      Solving subjective questions definitely helps, if the time permits you. In fact, if you are practicing subjective problems, then it will be like practicing for a marathon while the race is only of 100 meters! :-)

    • sorry siva, i don’t have much idea about postal courses. I referred to standard books only.
      In order to reach to a conclusion you can do one thing, go to a book shop & have a look at the books on GATE & IES published by both made easy & ace.
      It may give you an idea about which way to go :-)

  24. hii..First of all hearty congrts fr ua success at evry step….:) very glad tat u wanna help evryone wth ua exprences….:) recently i had finished my engg from EEE…i was just qualified in gate 2013…i wana prepre for psu’s wchich are recruitng thru gate…actually im in a software job in tcs now..but i love to be in psu..i knw i have very short time left…just qualified means u can understand my concept levels …BUT IM VERY AMBITIOUS to crack the gate….per day in offce i have 2 spend 10 hrs….so wth the little amount of time ill have , probably 2 hrs…can i mange the gate ? can i be in top 100? if im willng to do anythng fr it, can u please telll me n guide me …anyway i wana be in top 100…so please tell me wat to do, how to prepare, how to schedule etc in a broader way…so tat i can follow it, n get a good rank…. i was just qualified in gate 2013 ..consider ths n tell me me wat to do to be in top 100…thanq…:)

    • Hello Ansari,
      Definitely you can be in top 100, in fact, you can be in top 10 also.
      Just you have to do what a top 10 guy should do.
      I have shared the strategy for preparation of GATE in this blog post. If you have any further specific doubts, you can ask me here.

      All the best :-)

    • Hello Jay,
      As far as my experience goes, GK Publications are not good. Their books are usually filled with a lot of mistakes. I don’t know if they have improved in their present editions. Instead i will suggest you to go with arihant or made easy publications.

      All the best :-)

  25. I applaud u sir for putting in so much of effort. Not many do thqt. What use is even AIR 1 if you do not share your experience and help others out.
    Even with fewmonths for ias mains you are still sparing tym for others benifit. You are the true winner. Kudos
    Best regards and best wishes for ias

  26. Sir for Practice can you suggest me a book ? The book you suggested is unavailable. Kanodia books or arihant book which will be better ?Or tell me any other book if it is found better than the previous books,I am from EE branch.For a call from P.S.U WHAT WAS THE MAXIMUM RANK ? means if I secure a position within 3000 AIR then shall I get a call from any of the P.S.U? I have lower C.G.P.A (6.2)Do I have any chance to get an interview call from P.S.U? Waiting for ur reply

    • Hi Krish,
      For Practice, in market there are many books available. Just few days ago i have brought question bank in EE by j b gupta. I am finding it good & i am thinking of writing a review about it too. The only problem is that solutions are not given, only answers are there.
      If you are talking about handbooks, then arihant book is no doubt better one.

      Getting a call depends on your category & number of seats in that year. If you are from general category, then, AIR 500 will be a safe line.
      CGPA doesn’t matters much if you have a good GATE score. All the best :-)

  27. Sir,
    I am studying in third year of electrical engg.I am bit confused hoe to start. How should i start to prepare for gate, some professor say fisrt study whole syllabi and then question paper and some vice-versa.
    Which books should i purchase, handbook and question paper?
    . Made easy or arihant should be preferred?

    • Hi pratik,
      first of all, i want to inform you that i have shifted my blog to a new site-
      do visit it & subscribe to it to get regular updates.
      As far as preparations are concerned, what i feel is that you should start from questions & accordingly study the related topics. Do give it a try & i believe you will find this approach more focussed.
      It may feel tough in the start but with regular practice, you will enjoy it.
      For handbook, arihant is very very good. I myself is referring to it for my CSE preps. I have given link to it on the right side section of my new site.
      If you have any further queries, you can ask me anytime there.

  28. Hi sir, i m preparing for GATE 2014 and im from ECE branch.As u may be aware of,i wasted all my engineering days on fun and survived by group studies and’before exam’ night preparations.So my concepts arent good.But since one month im trying to study in details about the subjects but it seems with the ‘tortoise’ rate im goin it will take years. to complete.Should i just practice now rather than goin so deeply?Please help. I m using Gk publications book.Please do suggest some god reference books for ECE and any reference for previous years solved papers.And sorry for such a long post and eagerly waiting for ur help in any way.

    • Hello Ritam,
      Yes i am getting you as i am very much aware of engineering college life.
      You have a valid query though. In my view, the steps to tackle this situation could be-
      1. What is your current level of understanding? Are you able to solve the basic problems given that you know the formula?
      2. If you are able to solve the basic problems, then in my view, you shouldn’t go word by word in the book. Study those topics which you don’t know or unsure about.
      3. If you are unable to solve even the basics one, i will recommend you to join a coaching. They will help you in understanding the concepts in a time bound manner.
      4. Ultimately, practice is what that matters. Always keep practicing problems & that too within time.

      My opinion is that GKP books contain a lot of misprints & wrong solutions. Instead, you can use the question bank by j b gupta. Link to that book is given on right side coloumn of my new website-

      • Thanks so much for firstly replying.But i want to tell u that i can easily solve the basic problems after goin through the chapter but the problem is that im taking a lot of time in each chapter.Should i leave some tough ones and concentrate more on wat i feel comfortable or roughly i should cover all the syllabus?And thanks again.

      • Ritam, i feel that first you should try to make a strong hold on those topics in which you are more comfortable. When you have gained enough confidence, gradually tackle the tough ones one by one.
        As, i had written in one of my posts, examination is also a game. Let’s take the example of cricket. It is always better to be a good bowler than a bad all rounder.
        I Hope you are getting me.
        All the best :)

  29. Sir, thanks for such a nice post… Its truly motivating…:-)… Im a 2013 passout in ece.. im ryt nw repeating for gate.. Ive joined a coaching institute in august… But I was not consistent in studies frm start due to various reasons… Yet I tried to complete one or two subjects in october… Ive purchased all the textbooks for subjects and ryt nw I studied almost four subjects includin completin frm prev year questions frm made easy publications…I really dream of getting a rank in top 100… But im not getin the confidence for tat… even if I study , im getin a negative feeling tat this is not enough… as the competition is increasing year by year… the main thing is im not geting tym for revising it takes much tym.. so im conc on completing subjects nw… Ive planned of completing the subjects by dec last and revising and doing problems durin jan…. Will this be enough to get my dream sir?… do I hav to do anything more?…

    • Hello Parvathi,

      The reason behind your lack of confidence is your faulty approach (my opinion). As i have written in the post, try to start from last year questions & then study relevant portion, rather than studying books word to word.
      Suppose you are going to study DSP, then hunt for all the DSP questions that have been previously asked & study the relevant topics.
      When you are studying for GATE, your aim should be solving questions only. Just like Arjuna was focused at ‘eye’ of the bird only.

      All the best :)

  30. thankyou sir fr d reply…:-) im just lukin the topics and I use to solve the kanodia problems..also I use to workout previous year problems after each chapter… :-) it feels gud to do like tat…but dunno yl stdyin I dnt feel confident…:-( but im nt tat gud in basics..tats y I started wid text first… nw I hav four more subjects to complete…and ill surely do the way u told..:-) keeping my dream alive…

    • If you are lacking in basics, then going through them before solving problems will be a good idea. But don’t spend too much time on reading. Practice as much as possible. Confidence will only follow you only after practicing not after reading.

  31. Hi sir, i am going for gate 2014, and i have only 2.5 months left. My concept is not very clear. How should i study? Plz suggest me

  32. Sir, i am confused. I am a mech student. And i started preparing from now,i resigned my job and am devoting full time to gate. But sir, my concept is not very clear. Should i start practicing text book questions?

  33. Sir, i’m a student of insrumentation branch, tell me which subjects i hv to give more importance to crack the exam in 2 months. and how many hours to study????

    • Sorry priya, since i am from EE, so i am unable to tell u about the subjects.
      As far as hours are concerned, they are everyone’s personal attribute. But still, 3-4 hour regular study is enough. If u want to crack GATE in 2 months time, then devote atleast 4-5 hours daily on practicing problems.

      All the best :)

  34. Hai. SAGAR:-)
    iam an ece student with an average knowledge in concepts but I want to achieve gate 2014 I need some tips in preparation which are needed

  35. cngratulation sir, for ur sucess sir i am a mech student preparing for GATE/ESE, sir i hav a ques. .
    after becoming or qualifing ies does govt will investigate ur total life record . . i.e throuph what money(B/W) u hav completed ur education

  36. hey sagar.. please help me out.. i have been trying to study but i have landed no where

    only 2 months left.. my branch is EE .. please suggest how do i proceed.. please help me.. ;(

  37. Actually I am from cse branch and i looked through your blog but what happend last year when iit-k realeases the paper it was very very tough for cse even if top 1 got 40 out of 150 and this year 2014 also iit k is there i am bit scared about it i done very thorough knowldge in concept but bit scared..

    and again there are many books from cse and dont know which questions i have to solve from which book do you have any sort of guidance or way to get to know.?

    • Hello Vikalp,
      Don’t be scared of anything. As it is a competitive exam, everything is relative. If it is tough for you, so is it for everyone.
      Since, time is less, you should go for previous years papers.

      All the best :)

      • Thanks. I had done it already before two months and done many test series. hope i’ll get some 2 digit or 1 digit.

        thanks for your response.

  38. i have 1 year of experience in steel industry on contract base as instrumentation engineer. i need to select in psu’s through gate 2014. it is possible in 1 month of preparation ? i can arrange 1 month of leave for that. please show me the best way.

    • Hello Likhitesh,
      It is possible, but you will have to put on a lot of hardwork for that. Moreover, you basics should be clear enough.

      All the best :)

  39. Hai admin !! today Jan 1′ 2014 , the day i m starting my preparation for GATE . Is thr any chance for me to clear it .. On following ur technique will i able to crack gate 2014 ?

    • Hello pradeep,
      Definitely you can clear it. Just the right approach & a little hard work will help you in coming up with flying colors :)

      All the best :)

  40. hlo sir.. M student of final yr CS. I want to crack GATE. Pls refer me book for practising in these two months. Speaking frankly, my basics are not so clear. What should i do? I shallbe very thankful
    to you.

  41. hey sagar..i m rohit eee now in 6th sem ..i want to get rank in top 100 ..should i prefer the books which i read in semester or standard book for all..i m eee and i want to ask u if daily i solve objective question then it will help me o please tell me the best objective book for electrical..and i have to appear for gate 2015 .

    • Hello Rohit,
      (1) In my view, you should not change the books unless it is very very necessary.
      (2) Try to give first preference to your semester studies. If still you get time, you can deinitely go for daily objective problem solving.
      (3) In my view, the book by j.b. gupta is one of the best. You can get the link for book on my new site-

      All the best :)

  42. hello sir, as few days are left for gate 2014 i would like u to solve my one query whch is tht s i have completed my mechanical syllabus i want to practice and revise the whole syllabus more. So my questn is that should i rely on gate previous years questn papers by revising their concepts by solving them or shud i solve different questns frm different books(tht cld b a little bit different frm gate pattern)…
    plz reply..

    • Hello kamlesh,
      Since time is less, i think you should practice from previous years gate papers only. If you get some more time, you can go for other sources.

      All the best :)

  43. Thank you ,very much sir for sharing your views on how to prepare for gate within two months. i really motivated by your blog. i am under a lot of confusion upto now to prepare for gate. by seeing your blog i understood that i need to practice previous years questions.i belongs to a very poor family. i unable to buy books even though i have interest to read.i am a lot of pressure mentally, so that i am unable to concentrate on studies.please tell me sir how to concentrate on studies and get rank in gate 2014.

    • Hi nidhi,

      If you feel that after this much practice, you are able to solve most of the problems of previous year then you are good to go, else you have to go for more practice.

      All the best :)

  44. hi m from EE and trying for GATE 2014. M not very clear about the basic concepts… How should i start to prepare to get a descent score since only less than two months left..Which are all the subjects to be given more importance… I always get confused from where to start..pls help me

  45. Hi sir,
    i have so many approach and confidence to prepair anything but i am not motivated for long time.sir tell me how to be motivate towards my goal until i reach!? Which/what type of thing that motivated you??
    Tell me sir. Please solve my life’s very serious problem.

  46. hello sir,
    first of all i wud lyk 2 thank you 4 posting dis blog…:-)
    i hav sm questions….
    Q1. I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineer student from Odisha. i am frm a vry ordinary engg coll.
    we 4 students hav started self-preparing 4 GATE 2015. we hav no coaching facility (as coll is situated in a rural area) nor good faculties( not 2 say lyk dat…but its sour truth..:(….)
    solving previous year question frm GATE CHAPERTWISE soln book is very challenging and preparing right from the starting of the concept seems 2 be a daunting task.
    could you suggest me tackle dis challenge…?

    Q2. As ur in a PSU, in NTPC what level of question dey wer asking in da interview? Do they expect 4 a graduate to be trained in short term courses ( as 4 mechanical it’s AutoCAD, PRO-E, CATIA, ANSYS,etc) for more chances in grabbing 4 da position?
    I am an aggregate 7.69 in I read frm a blog long ago dat min cutoff dey are keeping 4 btech graduates is 8.0 C.G.P.A. (no doubt wid a high score in GATE)…. is dat true…?

  47. starting by thanking you for such a nice work sir…..i m in 6 sem and my branch is ECE….sir can u tell me about the standard books for ECE and the link to refresher book for ECE branch

  48. Sir,
    Thank you very much for helping us through your nice blog.
    I am working in a private firm for 4 years & I had appeared 6 times in GATE from 2009 to 2014.
    Last year I qualified GATE in Instrumentaton Engineering with 33/100.
    This year I appeared in ECE, solved last 18 years of previous year question papers & basics of the subjects. But my exam was not good.

    I would like to ask you 3 questions

    1.Whether I should appear Gate 2015?I have been studying seriously since last two years.
    2.Is it possible for me to Score enough to get admission in IIT Kharagpur in Electronics Department. If your answer is yes,please give a right strategy.
    3. Is taking Mock test is beneficial as the question pattern of mock test is relatively harder then what comes in Gate Exam.

    • Hi Goutam,

      1. I think you should go for it. As you are saying you have been studying seriously for last two years, you should not waste your effort.
      2. Everything is possible. Just go for it.
      3. Of course yes! Do practice as much as possible. Only that will really help in your examination.

      All the best :)

  49. Sir,
    I wish I had seen this blog earlier. I am
    targeting IES 2015 and GATE 2015 in
    ECE. I want to complete my M.Tech
    before joining IES. As IES selection
    procedure takes around 1.5 years, can
    i complete M.Tech in the meantime
    through GATE 2015??
    Also what are the preferred
    departments for girls??

    • Hi Sushmita,

      Thank you for appreciating this blog.
      You can go for M.Tech without any doubt or hesitation. In case, you get the joining date before completion of, you can apply for extension in joining date of your service. It is granted easily without posing any risk of losing seniority.
      It is always better to utilise your time instead of just plain waiting.
      I am not much aware of all the services, but I think females can work in any service, since they all are group ‘A’ posts. But if you have some specific preferences like place of posting, transfers etc then you will have to decide accordingly.

      All the best :)

  50. Hi Sagar,
    First of all my hearty congrats to u..
    Thank u so much for such a nice post, it motivated me alot
    I started my prep for IES 2014 yesterday can i crack the exam in 2 months without any coaching?? or shall i appear for IES 2015??please help me

    • Hi Madhuri,

      It is totally dependent on your strategy and hard work which decides whether you clear the exam this year or not. If your basics are clear and you are confident about the subjects, you can very well do that.
      But i will recommend you to appear for ESE 2014 even if you feel under prepared. There is no limit on number of attempts, so why to lose the chance of getting the true examination experience?

      All the best :)

      • hello sir,
        I have completed my civil egg with 66% . now I am preparing for gate 2015. But i am not knowing what to prepare and how to prepare.And my goal is get employed in ongc.
        The company needs 60 Marks in gate. It is big difficulty for me to qu

      • hello sir,
        I have completed my civil egg with 66% . now I am preparing for gate 2015. But i am not knowing what to prepare and how to prepare.And my goal is get employed in ongc.
        The company needs 60 Marks in gate. It is big difficulty for me to qualify in the exam.Can ,score 60 marks.Is it possible.

  51. sir.thank you for giving such valuable tips but i am having confusion that you told to pratice the question from previous year so it will be enough for building the concept or i have to take care other question bank book.plz tell

    • Hi Saibal,

      If you feel that after solving previous years question papers, you have attained required expertise and no more time is remaining, then this should be sufficient. But if you have more time at your disposal, you can go for other practice material too.

      All the best :)

  52. would u like to tell me plz which subject i have to concentrate more for getting good rank in gate in ee.

    • Hi saibal,

      You should focus on Electrical machines, Power systems, Control systems & Instrumentation. But i will suggest you to get a firm hold on almost all subjects since the paper has very uniform distribution of marks.

      All the best :)

  53. sir,whatever u wrote in ur blog for cracking the gate exam i am applying on me but the main problem that i am faceing is i am not able to solv any problem from gate previous paper due to lack of my i am not from any good clg so i never had any good book to read which will be necessary for gate preparation .i am really fadeup and dissapointed to see my sir in that circumstances can u plzz suggest me how should i prepare myself and can u tell me plzz the book and author name.plzz help me sir…

  54. sir, i want to know that will previous year questions be sufficient for the preparation or we need other books of r k kanodia also like other volumes.
    plzzz help me out sir, i m very confused that from which book to solve the questions.

    • Hi shubham,

      I have answered this query many times. If you have time, you should keep practicing. If you feel that you have solved all the previous years questions two times, then you can always go for other sources.

      All the best :)

  55. sir i am a average student and going to give gate in 2015.. going to join coaching..i dont have command on numericals…will i be able to get good marks in gate in 8-9 month studies.will it be sufficient time to get good marks in gate as a student like me…?

    • Hi Parinesh,

      First of all, never ever ever underestimate yourself. Always remember that you are the person which you think you are! It may be possible that till now your performance gives the impression of an average student but believe me my friend, if tonight you make a firm determination, you can wake up tomorrow a topper.

      Second, nothing is impossible. For 8-9 months if you are going to give your 100% you will definitely come up with flying colors.Anyone with right strategy and attitude can do this.
      Remember that even Einstein was thought of as a below average student. Today we study the subject made by him!

      All the best :)

  56. Sir, Can you tell me how much marks(Minumum) might be required in GATE-2015 to have direct Admission in Integrated MTech & PHD in Electronics in IIT Kharagpur

  57. i have exp. of 1.8 yrs in switch gear company since 2011 and i tried gate 2013 but not qualified then i left the job in 2013 and prep. for gate 2014 ,i only qualified.. now i wanted to give another try in 2015 to get into PSU via GATE 15, but fear of losing another year, wat peaople will say ,etc…..what shall i do…??plz help .

    • Hi Manish,

      We humans have a great problem of concentrating on negative aspects rather than the positive aspects of a situation. Don’t be a victim to that attitude. Always think of what you will gain after winning the game.
      Since you have already prepared one full year for GATE, i think now you should prepare along with a job. Now you only need to practice as much as you can. Go for it and come out with a blast!

      Don’t fear of losing a year, feel the excitement of getting in a PSU.
      Don’t think what people will say if you can’t get through, think what people will say if you could get through.

      All the best :)

  58. I took preparation for gate 2014 bt i dint qualify…….and i want to take one more chance for gate 15 bt have fear of losing years …….what should i do ? plz give suggestions

    • Hi Asifa,

      The only job that fear can do is to paralyze us thereby stopping us to achieve anything. If you couldn’t clear this time, that was because you probably adopted a faulty strategy. Identify the correct strategy and go for it.
      It would be better to take a light job in meantime and prepare alongside or you could prepare full time also.

      All the best :)

  59. i got 82% in BE n i was well prepared for gate 14 ,i can solve the problems and also have the knowledge of basics concepts bt i dnt know where is the lack in me i dint even qualify in gate14 ……..what should i do … to study so dat i can get good rank in gate15

  60. hello sir , I appeared in GATE 2014 ,to my great disappointment I could not qualify the exam , which is haunting me every single minute.. I want to perform extremely well in GATE 15 , but I am afraid of failure .How should I frame myself and stay motivated . Please guide!!
    (Chemical engineering senior undergraduate)

    • Hi Neha,

      I think the first thing that you can do is to look out for the areas where you missed. You should check like- Are you concepts clear? Are you able to solve basic problems? Are you able to solve somewhat difficult problems? Are you focusing too much on some topics and missing out on other important ones? Are you getting enough problem solving practice?
      Do not get disheartened by failures. Learn from it and prepare for next battle.
      Decide your preferences and work accordingly.

      All the best :)

  61. Hi Sagar,
    Don’t forget to share ur upsc interview experience with us even i’m preparing for civil services too…

  62. and sir ,if i get selected in good PSU then my past and everything will be compensated!! ,the year ,time which i spend for it.

  63. Recently after a Big Struggle wasting Of My Four Year Life Via in Btech I Strtd Prep fr Gate In 2013 in that i Havnt Qualified and in 2014 gate I qualified and AIR 26356 in ECE i knw I dont Get Good Clgs… Evnthough my Concepts r Nt 100% clear i Can capable Of only 30% concepts nw im in Junction confused of My Life Left all Jobs In betch Nw Its 2 years happend Kindly Plz Plz plz suggest me How To Improve my Concepts to 90% and Im solving 30% of prev problems on topic Wise…. whch Books to Follow fr ECE and Hw To Improve Concepts Much Clear thanku

  64. hi sagar, iam preparing for chattisgarh generation board for A.E post from electrical branch. please advice me overall good way of preparation for this because i have 4 month to prepare for this. also tell me that is the technical preparation of these state exams is different from technical preparation of central govt job like coal india ltd. plz give ur response

  65. Sir,
    Can you define a perfect Routine for a working individual aiming preparation from next month to have very good rank in Gate 2015 including what to practice from which book for ECE(Priority wise).

    I have a strong believe that you would do it for us not only because,i feel, you have the expertise but you also have the virtue to help others.

    Another Important point i would like to draw you attention is that Solving Previous year question papers is not too helpful as was before. Now in this changing scenario please suggest from which book to practice?How much(no of questions) practice is is enough for good result. If you are to appear for GATE-2015 what would you do? Please reply.

    Thanking you

    • Hi Goutam,

      (1) A perfect routine can be devised only after knowing the the daily job schedule.
      (2) Sorry, i am from EE. So, i can’t give you priority wise topics for ECE.
      (3) Sorry again, as i was not aware of this fact. I think you should go for practice papers published by good publishers. Number of questions to be practiced need not be fixed. Practice as much as possible.

      All the best :)

  66. sir,
    i want to give ies exam 2015, so i want to knw that when should i join coaching to get through it. i m working from last 2 yreas in mnc as a mechanical engg.

    • Hi Akansha,

      Since you are targeting for IES 2015, i think you should join the batch which is going to start now. Then, you will have ample time in your hands to practice a lot. But i suggest you to talk to some of your seniors who have done coachings. Since, i never joined any coaching for IES, i may not be able to give the correct advice.

      All the best :)

  67. Sir,
    I had appeared in gate 2014 (Mechanical) and got AIR 477. Now, I am aiming for IES 2015. I have decided to do MTech from IITD and at the same time prepare for IES. I did not get shortlisted for Design and Thermal in Mechanical Department. But, I will get any one of the following disciplines quite easily- production, industrial, Engineering Mechanics or Design (Applied Mechanics). So, can you please tell me which discipline should I go for, so that, I can find ample of time for IES preparation. Which discipline would be the least hectic? Please advice.

  68. hello sir ,
    Its wonderful to have such a hand on experience from you. I an MCA student from IGNOU , I had appeared for gate 2014 and got 6521 rank without coaching . I am thinking to take one more attempt at it next year. Can I make it to the top 100 without coaching ;given the fact that I studied from correspondence or should I go for a good coaching institute ?

  69. hi sagar i am balaji,first i congraduts you for your ranks,please guide us to do well the gate/ies exams

  70. Hello,
    I am sreekanth. I have completed my B.E program but i am not satisfied what i have studied in my graduation level. Without any coaching but i have prepared for a week and i got 26 marks in gate-2014. Please guide me to get a good rank in gate 2015 and i have decided to study in iits or nits.

    • Hi Sreekanth,

      I think i have mentioned the strategy very well in my blog. If you have any confusions related to that, you can always ask me.

      All the best :)

    • Hi Varsha,

      Thank you. You can search for it on e-commerce websites like flipkart, HS18 etc. If you are still unable to find it, tell me, i will give you the link.

      All the best :)

  71. Hi sir,
    I’m electrical student 3rd yr
    I’m planning to source Gud rank in gate exam
    One of our branch junior lecture told GK publication is Gud or understanding
    Can u refer any Gud publication book ?

      • Hi sir,
        I m glad to have u.
        I couldn’t qualify in 2013 but after following your blogs I secured around AIR300 rank in 2014……a tone of thanks to u …..I m preparing for 2015 to get still good rank……

  72. Very nice post dear…. I m from electrical branch. Can u tell me which books should i prefer for analog electronics, power electronics and electric circuits & fields ??? Also guide me if i should prefer foreign author books or Indian author books & why so ??

  73. hey sir congo…for your score… my female frnd have many back logs and she jst finished 3rd year…still dere r 3 backlogs…..nw she wants to do hardwork n she wants to do gate prep…as she wants her future to be bright insted of getting married…she is not so good in maths….she started a week ago frm rk kanodia…..she is good at english…she is depressed as no one at home is supporting her so plz tell her the hours she needs to devote and the books plz sir……we’ll be very thankful to you……….

  74. hey sir….congrts for ur i want to ask you my female frnd have many backlogs and she wants to clear gate…she is nt too good in maths bt very good in english…….3 backs are left…jst a month bfr c cmpltd 3rd year plz suggest books…hours she should study to get an good college…not an iit bt a good clz……if she is very depressed…make her feel positive..she is in eee have an average knwldge of core subjects..plz sir

  75. thank you for such fruitfull information…and a big ton congralts..sir i am in last year of MCA…want to do guide me how to prepare..i want to appear in GATE 2015…please tell me the books required…
    thank you

  76. hai sir…… i completed BTECH in the stream of eee with 80%.
    i want to get good rank in gate 2015. if i prepare with out coaching, is it easy to get good rank.
    is it compulsory to take coaching.? if it is necessary ,which is the best institute….please kindly guide me if i want to prepare at home, what are the books should i refer….

  77. hai sir…..i completed my BTECH in eee with 81%. To support my family financially ,i have to go for job,but i want to get good score in GATE 2015. iam in big confusion………what should i do, if i want to prepare for gate ,is it necessary to go for coaching or can i prepare well by doing job… please kindly give me the best suggestion.

  78. sir i need to decide whether to start with the textbooks or with the chapter wise questions .. it is so because i am worried about the level of basics though i am above average .. i am easily disheartened and perplexed when i cannot solve some successive questions . Therefore i tend to look into books and waste time on what i already know .. kindly guide me for this issue.

  79. i am 2011 pass out ee candidate .Recently I am pursuing a job,How can I prepare for gate and ies.-Prosun Mukherjee(

  80. i have grace in physisc in 12 th. now i m doing want to do iit jam….i got 84%in 2nd…my 12 marks effect on iit jam exam…..bcz i m not able to do counseling for by uptu…plx reply….i m in very tension…

  81. I need help for clearing GATE 2015 in Chemical engineering. Please guide me books that I can study for preparation

  82. Dear Sagar,
    I am pursuing a job and prepare for combined gate and ies.Please refer me books or study material From which I can start

  83. sir…,
    I am fourth year ece student.I wish to crack good score in gate 2015.would you please help me to choose best objective booklet…….plzzzz.

  84. Hi Sagar…
    I’m 2007 BE Passed out n interested much more in GATE. also I started to study but during my preparation ,i am facing a problem of notes. because in GATE, much more questions are based on problems rather than theory and the problem is how to solve it,what are the different tricks. can we prefer notes of any reputed Institution…plz suggest your valuable guidance.


  85. Hi dada,
    I m btech final year student in CSE…want to make a good score in GATE-2015….but i am really very confused and i have my college also…i get 3 to 4 hours time to study in a day….please guide me and tell me the books


  86. nd i havnt joined any coaching institute..i have downloded e books(text books) and just strted my preparation by now i am feeling that its a huge sylbs,its imposssble to study from all those text books…so feeling hopeless and confused…and i wanna b in top 100….so,if you kindly guide me and tell me the BEST and Useful mcq books so that i can start it in a right way.


  88. hello sir!!!

    i’ve jst started my first year in E.C, sir i want to qualify gate in future
    so should i start preparing from now???

  89. Sir first of all i would like to congratulate you….
    Sir your reply will mean alot to me so plz reply
    sir i am an average student perusing mechanical enginnering from a private clg. I have just passed 4rt sem
    sir i want to crack gate and m ready to do consistent hardwrk bt plz guide me what should i do. Sir can only iitians or master brains crack gate

  90. hello sir ,
    plz help me out …i am in huge dilemma that where should i go either made easy (delhi) or ace acdmy for serious preprations for GATE 2015 .belonging to civil engg. branch .

  91. hii ..
    congratz for your job in NTPC. Actually I ma resident of NTPC (my father is an employee). He always asks me to qualify Gate and get job in NTPC as a part of his dream . I listen to him and start preparing , but my preparation won’t stay long and the i quit it until i meet my father again … i Have been trying to focus from my 4th sem…ryt now i am in 7th sem. Could you help me, plzzz ???

  92. Sir, I am just pass 12th exam 2014 and also appeared in jee mains but I do not qualify this exam.
    Sir I wants to crack GATE exam , so please suggest me how can I crack it. In b.teach my stream will be ECE.

  93. sir i am final year student of civil engineering from a govt collage of UPTU . Till now date my agg is 78.7%. I have started my gate prepartion with the postal course from one of the leading coaching but still I am confuse and feel very nervous whenever i solve the questions. its very strange but i am able to solve the recnnt year questionss but cant answer the questions asked in 2009 2008 and so on can you please help me where i am going wrong?


  95. Sir,I m going to give my gate exam in 2015,now I am in 4th year B.E. and am not takeing any coaching. Am reading as you said so sir please give me more suggestion how should I read. Am practicing problem from G.K publication and Arihant gate tutor book,sir will it be effective…
    Please sir help me with your suggestion.

  96. Hello sir
    Am currently in 3rd year of engg ECE. I shall be giving gate 2016
    Cud you plz tell is the RK kanodia book for solved gate papers best?

    And which gate refresher book shud I buy I mean which has proper n full syllabus formulas?

    I have just started my preparation but I have never given online exam so I am apprehensive if I will be able to solve paper properly if u cud give tips for online exam it will be helpful.

    And can one get decent rank like in 150 without coaching?

    • Hi Vivian,

      (1) Sorry, i don’t have any idea about Kanodia books.
      (2) Arihant’s refresher books are good. There is also a new book written by IES officers of my batch for ECE branch. It is published by EII coaching. You can also have a look at that.
      (3) You should join online test series which is being conducted by many coachings now a days. Moreover, NPTEL is also offering mock GATE papers online. Have a look at it here-
      (4) You can get even AIR 1 without coachings. Just adopt right strategy and work hard.

      All the best :)

  97. hai sir…am 2014 passed out student from ECE..i took the coachng in ace hyd..even am not qualified bcz i did not prepare well at that time. now i realise and i want to crack gate 2015…so i need ur help sir

  98. hai sir…how to strt my preperatn.. is ace material is enough for study or kenadi buk?? which subjects is weighted marks ?? how to utilise time to each subject??
    thank u sir

  99. thank you so much sir for this post .
    i am first year student of ece and i want to clear gate exams in my first attempt so which books do you prefer for preparing gate exam with my college time only

  100. Hello sir I m from civil stream. I want to qualify with some good percent in GATE 2015. I have 5 or 6 months to prepare but I weak in concepts. Pls tell me what book I purchase like one hand book available flipkart also. I have no notes and books of and no material.

  101. congrats… n thanks for ur guidance.. my question is what time table had u followed for preparation of gate?.. coz im a student n im spending almost full day in college.. n coz im married i hav to look after many things at home… so can u suggest me how to manage time…?

  102. Dear Sir
    Happy to hear tht u crack gate by two month preparation….
    Sir I’m 2k14 passout student with 74%sslc and 73.3% in +2 …studied in kerala …and I choose B.E.Mech in tamilnadu managent seat …… but I scored 87.3% in B.E. Mech …. now this year I’m looking to crack gate….. and I joined in an academy ….. whether is it possible to crack gate for me like I’m an average student but ready to hardwork……. what’s ur opinion sir…. pls let me know


  103. Hello sir,
    I am Mayank Soni,I completed BE in mechanical in 2013 at present I am doing job in private company bt i am not satisfied with this job,bt i am helpless to do this.I want to crack Gate 2015 in Mechanical.Would you please tell me,how to do preperation for Gate during job?

  104. Hi
    I graduated from Electronics and Communication. And I am thinking of giving GATE from Electrical stream? With this gate score will I be allowed to apply for different PSUs? Which all PSUs accept such scores?
    Please do reply, only few months left for the exam

    Thank you in advance

  105. Hello Sir,

    Wonderful blog. I will make sure I follow your advice to practice the questions more often rather than reading the book like a novel. I have a habit of doing this, and I tend to skip the questions.

    I complete my BTech in 2012 and have been working in as a software developer since then. I have started preparations for Gate from last month. Since there was a 2 year break in my studies and in Btech I used to cram every concept to get passing marks. So i am not very clear on the concepts. My question is should read books from cover to cover as there is still 6 months for the exam. I am also watching the lectures on each topic. I hope I won’t run out of time in the end. Please advice.

  106. I have scored less than cutoff in GATE 2014. i don’t want to go for M.E. so can i apply for government job with this score ??

  107. Heartfelt thanks for sharing your strategy, i am a 2013 passout from IIIT-J, currently working in US based MNC(IT) five days a week , Last year i toiled hard & attempted GATE-EC and got a three digit rank, but my dream is IISc-B’lore, so i’m continuing my job and this year want to give another attempt with full boost. i want to converge to top 50, i’m pretty sound with the basics. I really liked your startegy of learning concepts by solving problems. last year i focused only on understanding things, i prepared extensively from books (More passive reading, not much problem solving) , i’m having this bad habit of reading same things from many reference books and i’m kind of more inclined towards some particular subjects (VLSI, Analog Electronics and Signal and systems which i like the most), last year also i done the same thing maybe thats the reason i screwed up things, could you please help me to amend my strategy and how to uniformly prepare all the subjects. (For instance, My level of understanding is not same for all my subjects.). i would really appreciate if you could suggest something to enlighten me.

  108. Hi sir, i am manikandan dept of medical electronics engg, i choose instrumentation engg, which is the best refference book..

  109. hii
    I have recently completed my b.e with mechanical engineering …so now I am so Much confused that should I go for gate preparation or should I go for private job or apply for gov. jobs…plss help me….
    seriously I m so much tensed about my future..

  110. Thanks fr providing us such a wonderful platform.
    I wanna know n clarify some of my queries regarding GATE.
    I wanna know How to use a Refresher.
    Personally which books r worth for Gate preparation.
    N will d cgpas affect Mtech? or in IES?
    I am a student of 3rd year Electrical.
    what measures I should take esp in case of basic concepts to have a good hold on it.
    Thank u sir

  111. sir.i want crack d gate 1st attempt but my concept is ..very u recommend any suggestions develop d concept..very soon…..

  112. Thank you sir for the post. I am from EC branch and want to know that which books i have to prefer other than G.K.Publication, text books and previous papers. Pease… I am sending my email id on follow

  113. Hi sir…. I’ve completed my in 2014 . I still have backlogs.. But there is a chance of leaving two subjects for getting my bachelors degree. If I do so, am I eligible for gate? Please do answer me sir. I am eagerly waiting for it.

  114. Sir Im mechanical student
    I thought of writing gate in my fourth year of b.e.
    But im not able to stick to timetable for studies nor i have confidence that im on right way.
    Only 3 months for gate exams,so i want to be serious and want you to guide a right way for preparation.

  115. Sir Im mechanical student
    I thought of writing gate in my fourth year of b.e.
    But im not able to stick to timetable for studies.
    Only 3 months for gate exams,so i want to be serious and want you to guide a right way for preparation.

  116. dear sir
    i am jagannath and thanks fr ur blog. will u help me how to solve maths,its too heavy for me.
    And which book should i refer to get best score in exam. plz reply me.

  117. Hello sir, myself Parjanya and im on 3rd year….Im trying to self prepare for Gate but aftersometime i will go to demotivation as I cant solve the Gate problems….Im dam sure dat I can do it but I dont know the strategy to study…so sir,plzz tell me whts d daily strategy of Gate study n wht correspondance I should take….??

  118. sir.i am in btech (eee) 3rd year now…i want to start preparing for gate now itself….can u please tell me how can i start.Which books should i follow,how many hours should i study per day,what deeper i need to go to the concepts ? I need manage these things along with my academics.

  119. Sir I hv completed my btech from e.i and I want to give gate from e.c .am I will be eligible for psu as electronics is common in both d branches

  120. Thank you sir for all the useful tips…. i m in final year of chemical engineering i want to know that if we solve previous year question paper deeply then is it possible to crack the exam?

  121. Hello sir…i did my BE in ECE in 2013…. And got placed but now i want to do mtech..Kindly guide me how i can start preparing for gate as only 3mnths are left…and i want to score that i can get admission in a good govt. College.

  122. hi sagar,
    First of all very congratulation for your success.
    I am in final year BE,
    I have a query regarding to the BE final year Aggregation percentage which is very low less then 60.
    So, If i go for the GATE and get high score in it, would it be resist in any recruitment of govt job or private sectors coz of low score marking at BE aggregation??

  123. sir plzz help at present i m in btech 3rd yr mechanical i want a good rank in gate 2016 m trying for it tooo , m clearing my concepts of 2nd yr n on goining 3rd yr n solving the gate previous year papers chpterwise what to do more pllll guide for mathss n some important subjects for mechanical engg

  124. this is such a nice blo which has inspired many people including me.i’m interested in gate but i have no enough preparation with me. i even cant apply for gate.what should i do? if at all i have to attempt it in 2015 for a sure shot of success (to get into psu’s)

  125. hello sir
    I have completed civil engineering with 66%.Now,I am preparing for gate 2015.I want to get employed in ongc company. It requires 60 marks in gate.Can I get 60 marks,is it possible.I am not knowing what to prepare and how to prepare.Will plz suggest me.

  126. Hi sir,Is it possible to prepare for gate in 4 months without good conceptual knowledge…I’m a 2012 pasd out student..As i dint study well in college,every concept seems to be new for me..I’m just being like a new 2nd year student…I have to study every concept here after only…can I apply for gate this time or not? Do I deserve to appear for gate? I’m in a confusion..pls clarify ..

    • Hi sona,
      First of all, everyone deserves to write the exam and hence, you too.
      As far as your conceptual clarity is concerned, i would suggest you to avoid wasting your money this year. It is less likely to prepare for an exam like GATE in 4 months time when your basics are ‘not so clear’. So, you should target for next year and that is the best advice I can give you.
      However, nothing is impossible. Miracles have happened and will keep happening and you can turn out to be an achiever this year too. Everything depends on how much are you willing to put.

      All the best :)

  127. hello sir,i am jyoti singh i am preparining for gate 2015….sir give me some tips how can i solve objective question ,sir i also want to plateform ntpc or ongc as like you..sometime i don’t understand kaise pdu, kya pdu….sir i need a guide so plz help me…….

  128. Hi sir this is Rahul from Bangalore , Well I am 2013 EEE pass out student And given 2014 IES without Gate Exam due to serious Accident during gate exam ..but I given IES with full fledge hope ..The thing is in paper 1 I am expecting more than enough out of 120 115 correct surly I will clear first paper of IES ..but during subjective papers had problem with my relatives so I am unable to get cut off marks 30 out of 200 ..its big sad blow for me ..I don’t know what to do further whether to prepare Gate2015 or wait for IES Results big dellemma ..I am from poor family I am attempting gate ies with apprenticeship work …please help me out if you feel any suggestions to back up for me ..

  129. Hi Sir

    I am Preparing for Gate 2015(CS Branch).Sir there are certain subjects which were not there during my BE time(like Compiler Design).So basically i dont know any basics regarding this subject.
    If i am directly solving the questions, i would be unable to solve them because I dont have any base and this subjects carries around 8 to 10 marks in gate.So Sir,Should i read reference book to build up my basics?


  130. hi sagar, am not at all prepared for gate …..
    this is d most awkward question you will have to answer…..
    how many question needs to be attempted in EC by SC category students for any decent PSU job….Considering the fact the probability of getting a question right is 50%
    Thank u

  131. hi sagar, am not at all prepared for gate …..
    this is d most awkward question you will have to answer…..
    how many question needs to be attempted in EC by SC category students for any decent PSU job….Considering the fact the probability of getting a question right is 50%

  132. sir am mechanical ,, is it ok if i take IES coaching to crack GATE below 100 rank and also to crack in IES TOO ,, am planning to go for long term coacng , am going to choose KAME academy kulkarni

  133. well thats an awesome article.
    sir i am preparing for gate 2015 instrumentation. my basics are not so clear. i started reading textbooks and standard books but i find it too much time consuming. even after reading the concepts i am unable to solve few questions from last year. i am studyng self without any coaching and guidance . please help me what to do

  134. hi sir ,
    Actually i take coaching in the last year but even didnt qualify but now also preparing to crack this. and i am a AVERAGE student so please tell me how would be the preparation for these 2 months which really helps me to crack .

    • Hi Darshini,

      In these 2 months, go for as much practice as possible. Pick up books, start with the basic ones and keep on upgrading the toughness of questions. :)

  135. Sir Today is 22 November. Last year I have prepared for Gate but couldn’t score big.. My concepts are mediocre not very bad not very good.. In certain subjects like circuits, electrical machines I am having very good concepts but in power systems control systems and power electronics I have not so good concepts. This time I have to score big I am following your way of preparation from today onwards will I be successful in gate 2015.? Kindly reply to me sir

  136. Hello sir ! I want to study in nit/iit In Ece. But i know wel dat i m not eligble for iit,so any how i want to study in nit. I hav taken a gate coaching for 5months also ,but m not studying at all. I realy want to study but how i dont know. Der z only 2 months in my hand. All are saying dat its imposibl to clear d gate xam widin 2months. M totaly fed up wid al diz. I dont know how to concentrate in my studies so dat i can get a nit. Plz sir help me..m totaly hopeless. I need ur hlp

  137. Sir,Really motivating ideas.. Thank you. Can you please tell us the important topics that we have to concentrate much to Score more marks in CS?

  138. Hi sagar,
    Firstly i would like to congratulate for all ur acheivements and I am 2014(ECE) passout and now i wanted to write GATE 2015 i really have strong determination and zeal to crack gate .But as there is less time i.e,not even two months .Is it possible to get AIR below 300 with 2months of hardwork .I have all the material required for gate (ACE materials,previous year problems with solutions,R.K.Kanoida volumes,ACE testseries and GATEFORUM targate test series).If i start preparing from today for 20+ hours daily and get perfect in 5subjects excluding maths and GA/VERBAL.Can i expect getting 50+ score or should i prepare all the subjects.

    • Hi Mounica,

      First of all, your question brought a smile to my face. :) If you are willing to give 20+ hours daily, nothing can stop you, even if you devote around 10-12 hours daily. You can leave GA and maths and still be under 300. Questions from GA and maths are usually simple. As far as notes are concerned, I don’t have anything like that. But you can go for this book –

      But, from your comment, it seems you are a ‘material collector’. I am also like that. I have a strong urge of collecting all the study material of this world and end up confused. Don’t do that please. Stick to the bare minimum study materials and practice as much as you can.

      All the best :)

  139. Hi
    I am a Mechanical Engineer. Here’s the thing.
    I wrote GATE 2014 when I was in my final year, my rank was 10,000
    I am preparing for GATE 2015. I have been studying for a few months now and I have about a month to go before I join the company I have been placed at. I have been taking the online tests and the bad news is, I am still at 40/100.
    Here’s my question.
    HOW DO I SCALE UP TO say 75 or 80 ? Is it possible under the circumstances?
    I have all the standard text books ( I have managed to read a few of them….again!)… and I have “WILEY’s ACING THE GATE 2015” by some IISc faculty and it seems to be really good, containing a coherently explained extract from the text books in addition to the solved questions.
    I am confused. The question that keeps Haunting me everyday is,…
    “would studying this book, suffice or should I go through the thousands of pages in these text books?
    I see how you emphasize on practice just before the exam, but like I said, I am still at 40 and I have a month’s time at home.
    Please do throw some light on this matter.

    • Hi Karthik,

      Facing a glass ceiling is a very common problem. Almost all of us face this problem while preparing for an exam. Only difference is height of this ceiling.

      As you are facing it at 40, someone might be facing it 20, or may be 70. In my view, the height of this ceiling is determined by your conceptual clarity.

      Follow these steps-
      (1) Make small aims. Aim for 50. Then 55, then keep on increasing.
      (2) Strengthen your concepts. Look out for good examples in books and understand it to the core.
      (3) Never memorise the method of solving the problem. Understand it. Try solving it without formulae (if possible).

      The world is tough. We never get free meal. So tighten up your boots and start giving your best. Time for GATE 2015 is less, but still you can do it.

      All the best :)

  140. Hi Sagar,
    With less than 45 days i have taken leave from my work started preparing for gate now full time, i’m writing electrical gate. basically i’m from electrical background.
    My plan is to prepare well in Electrical machines and power electronics in 15 days and then practicing problems for one month for other subjects as your method.
    do you think will it be a good idea, can someone having 50% knowledge in these 2 subjects gain full confidence in 15 days.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mani,

      Sorry for late reply, but i think banking on just two topics is not a very good idea. But since time is very less now, keep doing what you are doing. It may not work for me, but can do miracles for you.

      All the best :)

  141. Sir I am in my 6th semester and you can say that now I am out of some huge problem and can aim for gate basically PSU is what is wanted the most.
    SIr please tell me how to move forward and I am a chemical engineer.
    One more problem sir, I had a good company in our college to visit in next sem, so all they want is also a good deep knowledge of any one core subject and i want to go for it as well.
    How should i do it ?
    Please guide me. Thanks.

    • Hi Abhishek,

      I don’t see any problem here. You are in 6th sem. You have more than a year in your hand and you can go for both GATE and placements steadily.

      All the best :)

  142. Hi Sir,
    If you could tell me once previous gate question paper solved then which question bank is better,
    its good if you tell me the one you solved. bcz im not finding good questions out there.

    • Hi nagendra,

      If you are from ECE, I will recommend you to go with kanodia. If you are from EE, then you can go for Arihant’s question bank. Go to shop and check it.
      All the best :)

  143. hlo sir…
    presently I m in 3rd year ECE..
    and I m preparing for gate 16 and I m unable to understand from where to start how to prepare to score good rank…
    plz suggest me to overcome with this problem…
    plz do reply….

  144. Hello sir, 1st of all congrates for ur great success.
    I m now in 3rd year of ece.

    I read a subject completely and then solve questions from book of GK Publication & previous year question paper numericals on that subject using formulae sheet from IES Bangalore.

    I feel too difficult when i collect all the formulae , memorise them and then still find problem on new formula. What’s the solution on this? How you collected the formulae? Is it necessary to solve each question from gk publication book on every topic ? Is there any other idea that gives me all formulae and also test my knwloedge?Please help.
    Thanks in advance,

  145. Hello Sagar….
    Lots of queries was there but after reading all the post n comments a kind of confidence was built up….I hv completed my BE in mech….my aggregate is 59.5% and I’m doing job in steel sector for the past 3 year…. I wanna crack IES 2016 exam…. I’ll follow wht the things u said….my question is even after cracking ies….while in interview does aggregate matters?

  146. Sir . Pls mujhe ye btabe ki bina coaching ka book se concept clear to ho sakta hai pr question solve krne ki ability ya kis trah se question ko suru kre bo kese aayega koi bhi book me bo sab nhi milta hai jo ki exam me aata hai . Ha milta bhi hai bo concept to jb teacher us concept ko nikalte hai to niklta hai book to apne andar sab kuch rkhta hai pr agr hrek ladka se ye nikal pana aasan ho to hrek ladka ko success mil jata na . Sir it is very difficult task to recaptulate the concept after reading novel like book . Hmare trah kitne ko ye problm hoga sir pr mujhe ek average and below average student k najariya se smjhabe ki kese handale kiya jaye sir book pura pdleta hu question jo exam me aata hai uska solution and jo concept use hua hai bo bhi janta hu pr jis trika se us question me bo concept use hua hai bo to mera first time hai na uska use krna kha hai bo concept jha pde the bha nhi btaya jata hai .ab me ek questin jo ki ans dekh k samjh liya to sir agla question jo next exam me aata hai use me krne jaunga to kese fir se me nya trika se use kru us concept ko . Sir book bale theory pdate hai use uska application se koi matlab nhi hai aur exam me applicaion based questin hota hai . Bo bina guide k aaplog hi kar sakte hai kuch sakti hota hoga sir iit balo me otherwise apna pryas aur mehnat hmlog bhi nhi krte hai .bina direction ka mehnat brbad hi jata hai . Sir gate ke liye kya kru uska ans nhi hai mere pas . Me 1st time gate k cut off nikal liya 2nd time soch k aaya ki es bar accha krna hai pesa k karan made easy to join nhi kiya pr apne dost ka copy pda aur halat ye ho gyi hai ki es bar cutoff bhi nhi nikla . Sir mujhe kitna aata hai kya aata hai kya nhi aata hai bo samne bala ko pta hai pr mujhe nhi pta hai asi halt ho gya hai me dusre ko koi cheez smjha deta hu pr mera confidence pura lull ho gya hai . Khi private job milti nhi hai na to sala es gate ka nam bhi na lu muh pr kbhi kuch btao sir . Pr pls aap jo bhi btana low level stydent k hisab se btana mehnat k liye teyar hu me aap rasta btao sir . Kuch asa mat btana ki chand k traf dekho aur socho ki tum chand pr phuch rhe ho aur confidence rakho ki tum phuch jaoge mehnat krte jau ek din phuch jaoge . Sir ye bat mujhe smjh me nhi aati hai kuch practicle btao pls .

  147. such lovely blog…thank u sir to give us very precius information, sir i’m in 4th year of electrical nd i have to crack the GATE,so will u please give the list of books for GATE preparation please sir

  148. I have just completed 3rd yr btech mechanical engineering.I am sure I dnt have my basics that clear…but I am eager to give these 6 months a real try…by following your method.Please let me know if its possible? Should I start seeing previous yr question paper and start solving? wenever i fumble…i sud see the related topic from textbook..right?

  149. Hello Sagar sir , first of all thanks for such an important blog as it clears my 95% confusion for preparing gate 2016 . still i want to know what are key refrence books that i must purchase from market and also i want to know that i have a previous year book from made easy publication available can i use that book or wheather i shoul go for the previous year you mentioned in this blog ..

    Karan Sharma, GATE aspirant Mech. Engg.

  150. hi, i am going to start the preparation for gate16 in EE from september. But i dont know anything not even the basics not even that kvl kcl and all. I have joined a coaching centre where there will be classes on weekends and public holidays. But the classes there started from february, so i m late there also. I dont know how much they will be able to cover from now. So i think i should read some subjects on my own. Your post is useful but it is applicable only when you already know the basics. But i dont know anything. So i dont know what to do. Please guide me. I am going to follow whatever you say. So please guide me

    • Hi Vishanth, you should start with the basics. Read books and solve examples. Solve each and every problem. Don’t think about GATE at this point. You should strive to strengthen your concepts. And that’s all!

  151. Sir,I want to ask you, should I join the rank improvement batches of made easy for electronics and communication for gate 2016 will they be helpful in scoring good marks.
    Please reply related to this!!!

  152. First of all i would like 2 thank u for such a guidelines …… my query is…. is it possible to crack ies doing preparation at home without any coatching….. plz give me some practical guidelines regarding this ….

  153. it is very helpfull sir ,sir plz will you send me important topics (or)important and repeated question for civil students ,i want to geta a good score in gate sir plz help me

  154. Hello sir ….dis is SONALI….i m an electrical engineer…n m preparing for gate ..n my querry is do we have to b perfect in each n every digital…n emf ….to score good rank…

    • Hi Sonali,

      Its almost impossible for anyone to be perfect in each and every subject. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Just do smart work and you will get a good rank.

      All the best :)

  155. hi sir,
    this is advik..2014 passout EE..currently selected in a state govt job (JE level).
    Gate 2014 AIR 3684 ( self study )
    Gate 2015 AIR 9883 ( without any preparation… i was in a pvt job )

    Sir my ultimate aim is IES. should I appear in gate??.. I’m worried… if I’ll appear in gate I’ll kill my 4 months…

    kindly suggest where to focus…ESE via Gate or target only ESE without any distraction.

    i didn’t get my joining yet and now insecurities (especially financial) are again high..I never attended any coaching institute. want to start preparation again by self study.

    kindly show the way…

    • Hi Advik,

      Do you know how did I got a good rank in IES in my very first attempt without coaching etc?
      I had well prepared for GATE which paid me off in IES. These exams complement each other. Don’t take them as separate ones.
      Moreover, chances of success in GATE is more as compared to IES as there are very small number of seats in IES.

      All the best :)

      • thankyou so much sir… you are right
        gate preparation will surely help me in my ES exam.. feeling it since you’ve suggested me…
        wish you the best in life sir. stay blessed :) keep motivating

  156. Hello sir your blog really helped me and i m following that too just wan ask you about refresher which i can use i dont find link for Electrical Engineering

  157. I am MCA just joined TCS but I am not satisfied. I want to know If I start preparing for GATE2017 then how it will b ehelpful to me get a handsome government job or IT job at some gud salaried product based companies.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Disha,

      It seems you are not much aware about GATE. I would like to advise you to do a little research before going for anything.

      For starters, all the major PSUs of India are recruiting their executives through GATE only. Google it to get all their names and other details.

      However, they are not core ‘government’ jobs. For top notch government jobs, you can go for civil services, engineering services etc.

      All the best. :)

  158. Sir, I need a book which should have basic to conceptual level question ,chapterwise or topicwise.pls help me to make introduce about that book.I have already question bank of gate but I suppose it will be better to complete my topicwisee preparation first…pls guide me sir.

  159. sir i am civil engineering graduate pls suggest me to get a decent mark in the gate and refer websites to download solved questions for previous year gate exams

  160. Hello sir,
    Ur post is juzz damn motivating.
    Am 2014 passout and gonna appear for gate 2016. Coming to the topic now i have hardly 50 days remaing, But am confident enough that i will be able to crack it not only crack but will score too. The thing is i didnt even started my preparation. My strategry is clear. Give 4 days to each subject.. study topic wise daily and solve all rk kanodia problems n last year que on daily basis of that respective topic. And with 15 days remaing will attend test series. Some times i feel dat am over confident when i read or hear about toppers n othr people prearing for it since 1 yr, but again with in a minute i become sure about cracking it n scoring well. Juzz wanna know, is my strategy right or nt ?? I mean am i on d right path or not.. i will b obliged if u will share some tips too.
    Waitin for ur positivr response asap.

  161. Sir,your post is amazing .
    But it is not for a computer science student.
    I am left with 45 days only.please suggest me some refresher books so that I can crack GATE.
    Thank you

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